Petersham Nursery CollageA few weeks ago my OH told me that he was going to take me on a surprise visit somewhere. He had been inspired by Domesticali‘s blog entry – many thanks for this! We went to the delightful Petersham Nurseries. If you have never been then you had better hot foot it over there. It is a lovely little place, full of vintage bits & pieces; plants and delicious brownies! I had one & it was massive! Washed down with tasty coffee – Lush. We could’ve spent all day there. There were some lovely plants, though less than I imagined there would be. There is a lovely shop too although many pieces were too pricey for me, but I did drool over most of what they had. Petersham Nursery Cafe Well worth the visit & I will definitely go back when our garden is ready for planting. They had a lovely range of plants that you don’t normally see in really big garden centres. I think this is mainly due to the way everything has been displayed. It’s all done using vintage bits & pieces which made me want to move in instantly! You can buy the chairs that you sit on for coffee & everything is very relaxed. We didn’t eat in the restaurant but did enjoy the wonders of the cafe. Even the toilets impressed with the lovely way they’d been decorated and the soap & moisturiser combo by the sink!

I’d never heard of this place until my OH took me there but I’ve since discovered that they’ve got a section at the London branch of Selfridges. Personally I’d rather go to the real place – if for no other reason than to enjoy another of the wonderful brownies & a pot of the coffee!

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  1. It’s so lovely there. I’ll definitely be going back again. He’s pretty good with surprises like that!

  2. I was so in awe of your other half’s thoughtfulness – what a wonderful place to be taken to as a surprise. It really is a triumph of atmosphere, isn’t it?

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