Last week I was invited to a Pinterest event where they meet bloggers to discuss what we like, what we dislike & any features that we’d like to see. It was lovely to be invited and meet people behind the Pinterest team. I’ve been on Pinterest for a number of years now & I love it. I use for inspiration, collecting beautiful images and sharing things that I want! I also like seeing an insight into the different things that people like and it’s a great way of finding new designs, new styles and new craft projects.

PinterestI’ve discovered quite a few online shops & ideas from following people on Pinterest and it’s a great way to spend some time, looking at all the pretty things! And yes, I also have the app on my phone, for all those pinning emergencies!

At the gettogether with Pinterest, I met up with Edith and a few other bloggers. We chatted about things we don’t like, like the ‘Do you want to see your pin?’ box that flashes up after you’ve pinned an image – What is the point of that?! We also spoke about things we like, for example the recent change to the layout and the ability to analyse your boards. Then we spoke about the future of Pinterest. I had no idea that they were still quite a small company. As a long time user, I had imagined them being huge! But they’re still just a couple of people who are passionate about beautiful images and they’re keen to work with bloggers more. Hopefully, I’ll be working with Pinterest a little bit more in the future, which is fine with me! I am a huge fan of Pinterest and think everyone should be on there – share the pretty!

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