I have achieved something that I never thought I would – I have knitted myself a jumper. Yep, I’m ready for Winter! Ali over at Domesticali recommended I try knitting the Spud & Chloe Polly Pullover. She assured me that it was easy & I’d be fine. She wasn’t wrong! I ordered my giant needles & lovely yarn and set about to making my jumper. I wasn’t really sure how I would get on, but it was really easy and grew really quickly.

Spud & Chloe Pullover

The wool is gorgeous, soft and warm. It’s lovely to knit and the whole jumper grows really quickly. If you want to knit a jumper, this is definitely one you should try. It’s not cheap – I used just under 7 skeins of yarn and they cost £12.99 each. But this is something that will keep forever – as long as I’m careful how I wash it!

Polly Pullover

The pattern is really easy to follow and the whole thing was really great to knit. I only had to undo it once & that’s because I’d missed a stitch. If I can find a cheaper alternative to the wool from the pattern, I’d happily have another go at this jumper. It wouldn’t take long and looks great! Have a go – you won’t be sorry that you did! x

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  1. Hooray! Let the chilly weather begin then. I am having needles and natter withdrawal. Only a few weeks of absence remaining…. Hope to see you soon (in the jumper, even)!

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