We’ve been making great progress on our list of jobs that need doing around the house. Getting Poppy has caused a few to be more important and so we’ve acted on them sooner. Poppy has free run of the house, with the exception of sleeping on our bed. This is fine except our stairs are wooden and quite steep. Watching Poppy navigate her way down them is terrifying! They’re so awkward, my Mum’s elderly pooch, Harvey, can’t get down them at all. So we decided to carpet them. It’s not just for Poppy – they’re old stairs & creak a lot, I’ve never been completely happy with them, as I’ve been terrified about falling down them, being the clumsy oaf that I am! Last week Selkirk-Harris Carpets came and put in a lovely bit of carpet that we’re all very happy with!


The difference it has made is unbelievable. The stairs are much quieter & easier to get down, for both Poppy & me! It’s also like walking on a cloud – Hello lovely underlay! The carpet also makes the stairs so much lighter, which is something we can never have too much of in this house! It even gets Poppy’s seal of approval.

Poppy on the carpet

One other change we’ve made has been inspired by Poppy’s muddy paws. Poppy often makes a beeline for the sofa after coming in from the garden. Now as the garden is in the middle of being redone, the borders aren’t sealed off & there’s a lot of dirt about. Poppy also really likes sitting on the borders! She then runs in the house, straight onto the sofa, muddy paws and all. We don’t mind Poppy on the sofa, but we do mind the paw prints left behind. You know what this means? Shopping trip for some new throws! We looked around at a few places online but couldn’t see anything we liked. Then we popped into Laura Ashley in Summertown, Oxford. I love Laura Ashley. A lot. Especially when there’s a sale on as you are guaranteed to get bargains galore! And, amazingly, we did! We bought two lovely throws 50% off! I love getting a good deal on things & we also came away with a basket for Poppy’s toys. Also in the sale. Awesome!


Poppy can get her muddy paws on these all she likes. Then, when we have guests over, we’ll whip off the throws & have our sofa back. Again, as you can see, Poppy is pretty happy with the throws! We’ve also had to start mopping the floor more often, which isn’t as much fun as shopping, but what can you do?! When Poppy isn’t sitting on the sofa with us, she’s napping the armchair, where she’s made a little nest for herself among the cushions! So adorable!

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