When we adopted Poppy from the Blue Cross, they recommended we get her a coat. She’s pretty small so needs a little something extra to protect her from the rain. We got soaked in a downpour in Oxford on the weekend – Poppy looked like a drowned rat & then got cold, poor little pooch. So we ordered the Element Dog Jacket from EzyDog. It’s showerproof & windproof, as well as having a fleece lining to help keep her warm. It’s easy to get on, though with Poppy’s giant ears it’s a slightly tricky to get off! It has a zip on the top, so we can attach her lead to her harness. She’s very comfortable in it – not that it encouraged her to go out in the rain this morning. Point blank refused to leave the house!

Dog coat

One of the reasons we wanted to get her a coat was because her harness gets soaked when the ground is wet. The water flicks up on to her chest because she’s so low to the ground. I was really hoping the coat would stop this, and I think it will, but this morning, we walked after a massive downpour so even her jacket was soaked underneath. The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the straps used to do up the coat. They dangle down quite a bit & get quite wet. I’m hoping that a little fiddling around with them will solve this. I was worried Poppy would find it awkward but she didn’t seem to mind it at all!

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