Seat Pads BeforeA little while ago I blogged about a lovely place called Melin Tregwynt. I finally got around to putting the remnant of fabrics to good use. I bought some old chairs from a friend a while ago. They’ve been sitting with some pretty 80’s fabric on & not the cool retro kind!

Seatpad ToolsI remembered reading something about recovering seat pads in Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Home book. So I had a look to try & gauge how easy/difficult it was going to be. My verdict: not too tricky. So I set to work.

Initially I pieced the fabric together. It was all in small pieces so I had to sew it together. This gave me another excuse to use my sewing machine! It was super easy to do. I had to hot foot it over to Homebase to buy some upholstery pins.

Lilac Fabric from Melin TregwyntThe book recommended that I use staples & a staple gun but as I don’t have these & wanting this project to be as cheap as possible, I bought a pack of 50 pins for £3.09 & used about half. I didn’t replace the seat pads as again, I just wanted to replace the cover & keep the whole thing as cheap as possible.

Blue Fabric from Melin TregwyntI hoped that
they’d be okay & when I removed the other fabric, the pads were in a decent enough condition. I hammered in the pins, pulled the fabric tight & hey presto! Task complete. All I need to do now is to paint the chairs but I’m still undecided on colour. But for now I’m happy with how they look & happy that I’ve got another job crossed off the list! x

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