A few weekends ago, the family & I headed down to Bournemouth for a bit of a family get together. Sitting round the breakfast table, trying to decide where to eat for lunch, my partner Phil came across the Burger Shop. A quick perusal of the menu to check whether the veggie burger was really and truly a burger and not one of those stupid portobello mushroom in a roll masquerading as a burger and we were on our way!

Nutella Milkshake

As we walked in, I clocked the milkshake menu on the wall. This little beauty is a nutella milkshake. It was pretty much heaven in a glass and I had to make myself slow down and not drink it all in one go. Definitely worth the calorie splurge!

Fat Chips Burger Shop Veggie burger

I ordered the veggie burger with mahoosive chips to go with it. I was not disappointed. The chips were epic! They are the chunkiest chips I think I’ve ever seen! Cooked to perfection, they were delicious. While my veggie burger allegiance lies with my local burger place, Atomic Burger, this burger makes a pretty close second place. The burger patty was accompanied with the standard lettuce and tomato, but it also had a portobello mushroom and slice of cheese. Read that faux veggie burger purveyors?! The mushroom was in addition to a veggie burger patty! It was delicious. I was a very happy veggie burger fan.

I really liked the Burger Shop. The staff were great and not intrusive or overly friendly – hate when restaurant staff treat me like we’re age old friends. I would happily go back there the next time I’m in Bournemouth. Well worth a visit if you’re making a visit to the seaside.

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