A few weeks ago, my OH & I had dinner with some friends at The Seven Stars in Marsh Baldon. We’ve driven by it many times, but had never gone in. It’s recently reopened, having been bought by the community. I’m always happy to support the local independent places & I’ll definitely be going back here. As always, I wanted to check the menu before we went, but as it’s not currently on the website, I emailed them and asked what their veggie offerings were. It wasn’t long before I was emailed with a copy of the menu! Now that’s what I call service! I didn’t make my mind up before we went, but I was happy to eat any of the veggie options available.

Brie Starter

I had the brie to start with, which was very tasty. It was the only vegetarian option on the menu, besides soup, which turned out to be Mushroom soup (Yuch!). I don’t think I’d have it again though. It wasn’t anything special. Plus the portions are so generous, I didn’t really need a starter at all.

Veggie BurgerFor my main course, I opted for the veggie burger, which was a Bubble & Squeak burger. Despite being slightly unsure of this, but desperate for the chips it came with, I went for it. I’m so glad I did because it was delicious! Perfect if you’re really hungry too as it’s really, really filling. It came with a hollandaise sauce & in a soft white bun. I would definitely have it again. The chips were epic, well cooked, well seasoned & very tasty. Excellent!

Chocolate Brownie

Despite having had two generous courses already, I thought it would be rude not to try the puddings! I opted for a chocolate brownie (they have different flavours of brownie. Not sure why!) It came with an immense thick chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Oh. My. Word. Delicious! It was so lovely & so chocolatey, I couldn’t finish it.

I am looking forward to going back to The Seven Stars. I’m quite eager to try their lunch menu & they’re a dog friendly pub with tables outside. Service was okay, but not great. Little things were forgotten, nothing significant though. If you’re in their neck of the woods, it’s definitely worth dropping in for a bite!

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