Saturday night was spent celebrating a friends birthday. Good times. When she sent round the email that said where we’d be going, I was keen to check out the menu as I am a very fussy vegetarian. When I have Chinese, I always go for Sweet & Sour tofu (it was chicken when I wasn’t a veggie!). If that’s not on the menu, like it wasn’t at Sojo Chinese Restaurant in Oxford, it always unsettles me.

However, they had mini vegetarian spring rolls so that was a relief. I love these little rolls but it’s surprising how much they vary in taste. The ones at Sojo were Amazing. Not greasy, supplied with a little portion of sweet chili sauce. I was in heaven.

Black Bean Tofu at SojoDespite not having my all-time favourite food on the menu, I was looking forward to the main course. The reason? The other veggie options looked very good. (I’ve seen some chinese restaurants just have mushroom chow mien as their only veggie option. Tut tut!) Now as I said before, I am very fussy. I won’t eat water chestnuts or bamboo shoots (gross!) so this can narrow the menu down. But I had my choice pinned down to two possible options, both of which I was looking forward to: the Sojo black bean tofu & Szechuan spicy fried tofu with glass noodles. I couldn’t decide which. They both sounded lush. But I really fancied trying their egg fried rice so went with the black bean tofu. I love having tofu in restaurants. Once you’ve got used to the consistency, when it’s done well, it’s delicious.

I loved the meal. The service was outstanding, despite our party being the second of two big groups, plus they had a full restaurant. They knew who had ordered what & were really attentive, without being intrusive. I will definitely be going back to try the Szechuan tofu. If you’re in Oxford & the desire for Chinese is overwhelming, head here. Awesome!

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