Followers of my Twitter feed will know that I hate cooking. I don’t enjoy it very much and try to avoid it at all costs. But then I saw this post on the Domestic Sluttery Facebook page and was intrigued. I was so intrigued that I emailed the link to my OH & we decided to give it a go. Feeling brave, I ordered all the ingredients online, with the exception of the Szechuan peppercorns as Tesco didn’t have any. (I Googled it & some people recommended using black peppercorns instead. Not the best idea in the world! We’re going to look for the Szechuan ones elsewhere for next time.) So Thursday night came around & it was time to cook.

szechuan ingredients

I got everything together and started on the tofu. Yep. We went with tofu because I love it & I needed my tofu fix. (This has become quite urgent as my favourite Chinese restaurant has changed the way they do their tofu & they’ve ruined it. I nearly cried!) You have to drain the water out of tofu for a while beforehand, then chop it up into chunks. Once that’s done, you need to get the rest of the ingredients ready, as with all Asian cooking, everything moves pretty quickly once you get started. The recipe from Domestic Sluttery is really easy to follow. Each step is nice & clear, even for me to follow. (Seriously, this is important. I can ruin frozen pizza. Fact!) There’s a nice mixture of flavours, though it’s quite spicy. While this is okay for my OH & I, I don’t think my mum could eat it 😉

Spicy Szechuan NoodlesIt was really, really delicious. I could eat tofu all day, every day and this dish is no exception. It’s going be a regular on our menu, that’s for certain. The things we need to remember for next time are: Break up the noodles before cooking or you’ll end up with noodles all over your face, cut all the veg the same size to make it easier to eat & never skimp on the tofu! Can’t wait until I can eat it again! Delicious!


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  1. Hi! Laura here from DS – so glad you enjoyed the recipe! It’s great to be able to share our favourite food and we love hearing when people try out and enjoy them too! Thanks for reading!

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