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Secret Pizza Society Awesomeness!

Last Sunday, my OH, Poppy & I went to the MG event in Abingdon. We didn’t go for the cars, we went to support local businesses who were there for the day. It was a really hot day & the sun was out. It was more a day for lounging around in the shade, not so much a day for coffees & pizzas, but that didn’t stop us.

We had a look around at some of the different stalls & took a walk down by the river, where Poppy got lots of love from passers by. Then we headed to the main attraction – coffee from Throwing Buns & pizza from the guys at Secret Pizza Society. We’ve been fans of Throwing Buns since we moved to Abingdon. We love that place. Great food, good location & fab coffee. Secret Pizza Society are the new kids on the block and they are incredibly hard working! If you follow their twitter feed, then you’ll be able to find out where they’re going to popping up and making great pizza. And by great pizza, I mean one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

spsI went for a simple margarita pizza. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in my time & lots of places produce bland cheese & tomato pizza. As it’s a fairly simple one, you have to make sure all the ingredients pack a punch with great flavours. This pizza did that. It was really tasty, the tomato sauce was full of flavour, the base wasn’t too thick, but delicious and crispy. I can’t wait to see what other veggie offerings they’ll bring to the mix!

If you see Secret Pizza Society out and about near where you work, live or hang out, do yourself a favour & buy one of their pizzas! Not only are they local people, building a delicious independent business, but they also make amazing pizza!

Lunch at the Kings Head and Bell

Veggie Stack

I hate cooking. Any opportunity to eat out, I will grab it with both hands! So my OH & I felt that we should go and try out some of the lunch items on the menu at the Kings Head & Bell in Abingdon, especially as they’ve got a few different veggie ones on there.

Veggie Stack

I opted for the grilled veggie stack & a side of fries. I chose this because it’s a bit different, pretty healthy and it meant I could have fries on the side! I really enjoyed it. The goat’s cheese that came as part of the stack was really nice & really added to the flavour. The fries were good & I couldn’t finish it all because it was really filling.


My OH opted for the scampi. It came with thick cut chips & mushy peas. He really enjoyed it. The scampi was nice & crispy on the outside and it had a good crunch. He also thought that the thick chips were some of the best he’d had – Quite the compliment!

The only criticism we could find was that when we asked for ketchup, we got a tiny little portion in a paper cup, the kind that you get from McDonald’s. I don’t like it when restaurants do this. Don’t ration my ketchup! My napkin was also wet from when it had wrapped the cutlery. But this is me being ultra picky! The food was great & I’ll definitely be going back and I can’t wait!


Bun Throwing

Bun Throwing

It’s tradition, that at every major royal event, buns are thrown from the top of Abingdon Guildhall. It’s one of those brilliantly British events, like cheese rolling and such like.

Well this jubilee was no exception. As it was raining quite heavily, my OH & I donned our wellies and set out to catch some buns. We prepared ourselves with a drink from Throwing Buns, me with a chai & my OH with a coffee. At 6pm, the buns started flying off the roof. Now we were all pretty wet. The buns were quite wet. I’m not great at catching so began to get pretty scared of being hit in the face with a bun! A very lovely lady next to me very kindly gave me a bun that she had caught, mainly because I think it was obvious that I had no chance of catching anything!

Bun Throwing

My OH caught two buns & very quickly put them in his pocket. I didn’t & my bun got soaked! It is such a unique event & I love being part of a town that has such a weird celebration! It was great to see such a fab turn out, despite the weather. Can’t wait for the next one!

Supporting Local Saturday

A little while ago I noticed that Alissa at Oxford City Guide was using the hashtag #supportlocalsaturday on Twitter. This is such a great way to remember to use independent companies while spending your hard earned pennies.

Today I pretty much out did myself. First port of call, after returning my library book, was to the local excellence market in the town square. Here I bought some soap from Beyond Bubbles. Then some potatoes, bread and pasties from local producers. My OH bought a book by a local author, MG Harris, from Mostly Books. I also took a trip to my local haberdashery Masons to buy some beads for something crafty I’m working on.

Then we popped into Oxford. We went to Comma Shop, which is a real favourite of mine. It is the perfect place for any stationery geek. And my OH bought me the awesome Slush Puppie badge! Then we went next door to the Magdalen Arms who were having a market. It was filled with handmade, vintage & retro goods. I bought some vintage tea spoons and some homemade jam from Porch Pickles. I can’t wait to try it!

After all that shopping, we headed to Oxfork. I could live here! They have amazing coffee & cakes and do the best fried egg sarnie I’ve ever eaten. We bought some of their coffee, their Simnel cake (it’d be rude not to!) and some Jeeves & Jericho Breakfast Tea. Perfect!

Support Local Saturday

I feel really lucky to live in an area where there are so many independent places & I’m always more than happy to support them!