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Pretty Flowers

Fabulous Flowers

I love flowers. It’s one of the reasons why I love spring and why I want to get the garden in order. But until then, we can have flowers in jars.

Fabulous Flowers

I bought these to go on my stall at the Bake Off. They are from the amazing Fabulous Flowers in Abingdon. They are so cute! x

Coffee Cosy

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

As a crafter I get really inspired looking at what other people are doing. I love looking at Pinterest for this very reason. There are so many gifted people out there doing amazing things. One craft blog I really like is Cornflower Blue. Reading through some of her posts I noticed this one on a coffee sleeve. It looked simple enough so I thought I’d give it a go. But this meant learning some new knitting skills: Using a circular needle & using the Magic Loop technique.

I bought my circular needle on a trip to Loop earlier on in the year. They recommended that I use the Magic Loop technique for smaller projects. When I looked at them blankly, they suggested I watch the help videos on www.knittinghelp.com. I’m so glad they did. I couldn’t have made the cosy without their help.

It took me ages, and I mean ages, to get it. I tried to use double pointed needles but I soon realised that I am far too cift to use these. I was really slow to start with & made silly obvious mistakes. My first few attempts lie, unpicked, in a pile of wool. My first successful attempt still had a few errors in it but it worked. The best one is pictured below. It seems so easy now I’ve done it a few times, despite the pattern being relatively simple. It was the first time I’ve ever done double rib stitch, as well as the first time I’d used straight needles.

Now I need to knit a few that are completely perfect. I’m going to add them to my Folksy shop once I’ve got a small stockpile as well as sell a few in my local coffee shop, Throwing Buns. Then I’d like to experiment a bit – add buttons, use a different stitch, mix up the colours & maybe knit some for china mugs. I love a good knitting challenge!

I’d like to thank Rachel of Cornflower Blue for giving me permission to use her pattern & sell the ones that are good enough to be sold. x

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

Rag Rugging at Rosie’s

Rag Rugging at Rosies

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new knitting group called Needles & Natter at Rosie’s Tea Room in Abingdon. It’s not just knitting. There are lots of portable crafts going on. One of the ladies that attends does rag rugging & asked if we’d like a demo and have a go ourselves. Try a new craft?! But of course I’d love to! So I went this morning, armed with a bag full of clothes from my OH’s wardrobe.

Rag Rugging at Rosies

Armed with my bodger (yes, a bodger) & hessian and some old t-shirt material I set to work. I don’t think rag rugging will be making an appearance on my Folksy page, but I am thinking about potential Christmas presents (that means you family!) It’s pretty quick and the hessian enables you to keep track of progress, making sure that the lines are straight. The time this morning passed way too quickly and I really enjoyed learning a new skill. It’s another benefit of attending the Needles & Natter group. To learn this kind of skill could cost lots of money, but this didn’t. And I had a lush mug of Italian coffee! Thanks Liz & Dinny! x

Needles & Natter

Needles and Natter at Rosies Tea Room

Last week I popped into Rosie’s Tea Room in Abingdon. I’ve been a few times before. It has an excellent range of teas & a lovely atmosphere. I noticed a few signs about a ‘Needles & Natter’ group starting today at 9am. You could bring along any of your crafty projects & natter while you work. Fantastic! I made a note in my filofax & planned to attend.

Needles and Natter at Rosies Tea RoomNaturally I arrived late (a fall out of no longer being governed by a bell!) & was met with smiling faces & a table covered in material & wool. I knew straight away this was my kind of event! I sat down & got my knitting out. (my current project is my 2nd commission – a black headband for a friend similar to this one.) Out came the tea & we were all talking about our latest projects, Twitter, jobs etc as the sun came out. It was a lovely way to start the day & I will definitely be back next week, hopefully with a different project on the go x