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4 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

4 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

I love Pinterest. If you haven’t discovered it yet, be warned: You will get hooked on pictures of pretty things. One of my boards is called ‘Temptations’ and contains pictures of cakes & all things chocolaty! So when I pinned a picture of some Nutella Brownies I was keen to see where it came from & if there was a recipe. This is one of the things I love about Pinterest. Behind every picture is the original source. It led me to Savoury Sweet Life, which is a fantastic blog containing tons of recipes.

As it was my turn to host book group, I decided to bake them for when we’d finished our lengthy literary discussions about our latest book.

4 Ingredient Nutella BrowniesI printed the instructions off from the blog & set to work. They were the quickest cakes I’ve ever made (They’re not called 4 ingredient cakes for nothing!) I didn’t have a large egg & I think this affected the recipe. My batter wasn’t as shiny as the batter in the pictures. I was worried they might be a bit dry & I think they could do with being a bit more goey. I think if I’d used a large egg, like the recipe instructed, they would’ve been goey. I added hazelnuts to some but not all.

They went down pretty well & I’d certainly make them again but I would make sure I used a large egg next time. But they went down a treat at bookgroup & there’s even some left for guests visiting this weekend! x

Nutella Cupcakes

Browsing blogs is a great way to get recipes & ideas, as is looking through Twitter. One of the people I follow is The List Writer and a few weeks ago she tweeted about Nutella cupcakes. Naturally I asked for the recipe so when she blogged about it I knew that I had to make them!

The recipe was very straightforward and can be found on Nancy's blog The Philosophy of Lists. I didn't put any frosting on them as they were so chocolatey already that I didn't think they needed it. The only mistake I made was not trusting my oven and cooking them for a few minutes more than Nancy instructed. It didn't ruin them but the Nutella wasn't as liquid as it should have been.

There are no pictures as I was busy baking both for work & for my OH's birthday. And I was probably too busy eating the Nutella to pick up my camera! Needless to say they were delicious and I will be making them again. Fact x

Non-slip cookie mat

Silpat Cook Mat

You may recall that a few posts ago I had a ‘sticking’ issue with my gluten-free cookies. Stupidly I’d forgotten that my OH had bought me a Slipat. A what I hear you ask? Well it’s basically a non-slip cookie mat & is Amazing. Fact.

The first time I tried to use it didn’t really work. I placed it on upside down baking tray, which meant that the Slipat wasn’t flat. I didn’t think that this would be such a big deal. How wrong I was. There’s nothing worse than seeing your cookie dough slide off the edge onto the bottom of the oven. Plus I spooned way too much dough on & didn’t leave enough space between them.

My OH suggested using two smaller tins, turning them upside down so that the slipat would stay flat. Genius.

The slipat truly is non-stick so that if it isn’t sitting flat, as the cookie dough heats up, everything will move if it is a slight angle.

Silpat Cook MatIt is also essential to space the dough out.  This bothers me a little bit as I want to be able to eat my cookies as quickly as possible! But because the cookies are quite thin they cook quickly. This means that it’s actually quite a quick process & as I used dough that had been in the freezer it was quite easy to sort out the right size portion.

The slipat was amazing. It was super easy to keep clean in between baking & just needed a light wipe at the end of the session. I can heartily recommend this product for all your non-slip baking needs. You do need to keep it flat & treat it delicately (it comes with instructions) but it’s totally worth it. It fits my oven quite well & my oven is quite small so should be okay with most. As it’s quite big you can fit a number of cookies on there.

Happy baking! x

PS – there aren’t pictures of baked cookies because I, ahem, tested a few & then had to pack them away asap for fear that I wouldn’t have any left to take into work!

Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Cookie Dough

I’ve been looking for different baking ideas & have wanted to bake something for my gluten-free friends. So I’ve been trawling the internet for an easy gluten-free cookie recipe. It hasn’t been easy as many recipes call for loads of different types of flour & other ingredients which I don’t have. But then I stumbled across this recipe on All Recipes & it looked very easy. Phew!

Gluten Free Cookie DoughArmed with my gluten-free flour & chocolate chips I gathered the rest of the  ingredients. The mixture didn’t take long to put together & where the recipe calls for egg replacer, which I didn’t have or need to use, I simply just used one egg. The only other thing I did differently was use less chocolate chips – I know, madness right! But I had only bought 100g but I think it’s worked okay.

With the oven at the right temperature & the baking trays greased I set about spreading the dough out by about 5 cms. This means that baking them, in my small oven, is quite a lengthy & tricky process. The problem I had was that the cookies didn’t want to come off the trays easily even though they’d been grease. If anyone has a fool proof way of making them not stick I’d love to hear it!

After a bit of cooling the cookies were ready to eat & was lucky enough to have two testers (neither of whom suffer from coeliac disease) and they loved them! Good enough for everyone!  I baked about 15 & used just under half the mixture. I’ve put the rest in the freezer to use another time.  A tasty gluten-free treat! x

Gluten Free Cookies