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Tuesday Treat – Summer Loving


There’s nothing like a bit of warm weather to put a spring in your step, is there? While the weather was awful on my birthday, which spoilt my plans a bit, the weather over the last few days has been much better. We enjoyed doing a bit of work in the garden, which has moved on quite a bit since I last blogged about it, I’m pleased to report! We dug out a new border and landscaped the back of the garden, which will be free to wild flowers & bugs galore. We’re hoping to help the bee & butterfly community a bit. Not only that, but I enjoyed my first locally grown strawberries! What a treat!


Strawberries are my favourite fruit, but I can’t stand the ones that are force grown & imported from abroad. I want my strawberry to taste like a strawberry, funnily enough! Nothing says summer to me like a British strawberry. Just hope the sun is going to play his part too!

Tuesday Treat – Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Well, that was a lovely four day weekend, wasn’t it?! There’s nothing like taking a few days, relaxing, getting chores done, eating a few things we wouldn’t normally eat, relaxing the rules a bit and just letting go. I’m not in a massive chocolate mood at the moment, so we didn’t do Easter Eggs. Instead, we ate some of our favourite foods. For my OH, he enjoyed his favourite Easter treat, Simnel cake, made by the expert hands at Oxfork cafe. I went for my always preferred pancakes.

Comfort FoodIsn’t it great just to chill out and not be browbeaten by to do lists, calendars  work etc?! What did you get up to over the Easter break?