Lush bath bombs are nothing new, but they remain a firm favourite for me. There’s nothing quite like running a hot bath after a long day and a cold dog walk around the park, throwing a Lush bath bomb in and letting your troubles melt away. Add in a cup of tea and the latest episode of Scandal on the iPad and that’s pretty much heaven right there.

Big Blue Bath Bomb


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I was lucky enough to receive a massive Lush haul for Christmas, including one of their shampoo bars, which I’ll right about another time. This also means my room smells like Lush, which is pretty, lush! For me, it’s a great way of warming up, relaxing and getting my head together after a mega-hectic day at school. Ideally, it should be followed by warm pyjamas, a delicious dinner and cuddles on the sofa with Poppy in front of the fire. Perfection!