I’m not much of a ‘beauty’ person. Most days I don’t wear makeup (because I’m lazy!) and I’ve always preferred lotions & potions. I have really dry skin and suffer quite badly from it during the winter, when it can become quite painful. So I’ve been looking for products that can help me. I really like Lush products. They’re cruelty free and you can return the packaging back to the shop. Fab! And I thought that the more natural the ingredients, the better for my skin. These are what I’ve been using recently.

Lovely LushH’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment £8.95 // Flying Fox Shower Gel £9.95 // Ocean Salt Facial Scrub £13.25

The Ocean Salt facial scrub is A-mazing. It smells great & it really leaves your skin feeling lovely and clean. I have tried a lot of facial scrubs in my time but nothing has ever got my skin feeling soft, smooth & tingly. Flying Fox shower gel has a lovely warm honey smell to it and it’s the honey that makes it so good for my skin. Despite the drop in temperature so far, my skin isn’t showing any signs of dryness yet. While my hair is generally in pretty good condition, when I straighten it regularly, the ends split really badly and the H’Suan Wen Hua really helps to keep it all in shiny condition.

Do you have any beauty products that you swear by? Does your skin change during the colder winter months?