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#BEDN ~ Stress Awareness Day

Unfortunately, like most people living today, I have suffered from stress so I know first hand the damage long term stress can do to your body & mind. The important thing is to take steps to combat it before it takes hold. Some things are small & achievable in your day, other things might require a bit more time & money. Either way, they’re all worth it and help you take a break from the stresses and strains of day to day life.

    • Go for a walk. Head outside into the fresh air and take in the sights. If you go by yourself, it’ll give you some time to think things over and clear your head. If you go with a friend, you’ll be able to get a different perspective on things and get your mind off things too.
    • Get a massage. This is something I used to when I was going through a very stressful work situation. My shoulders would be agony so getting a back massage was sheer bliss. It wasn’t unusual for me to fall asleep or cry during the massage, which just shows the extent of my stress levels!
    • Have a bubble bath. This might sound obvious, but it works. And don’t just chuck in some in Radox. I always keep a stash of fancy bubble bombs and candles that I only use when I want to take a long bath and follow it up with some luxurious moisturiser, clean sheets & an early night.

bubble bath

    • Take a deep breath & have a good whinge. I love a good moan, it is soooo therapeutic, especially when you use plenty of swear words. Don’t hold back – let it all out.
    • Spend time with a pooch. Some very clever scientists have discovered that spending time with a canine companion can reduce stress levels. I couldn’t agree more. Not than I’ve noticed a drop in my stress levels since we got Poppy, but when I am stressed, all I have to do is look at her little face & I’m back off the ledge.

dog walks

    • Eat something delicious. Whether it’s treating yourself to a nice gooey cake or getting a cheeky takeaway, take your time over it, savour every last bite and enjoy it.
    • Meditate or something. I’m not a massive fan of meditation, but do some yoga, pilates, running, kickboxing, anything that gets you to focus on the job at hand and forget the stresses and strains of the day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.
    • Do something frivolous. When I was really stressed at my old job, my OH would plan lovely things for us to do at the weekend, like go to Petersham Nurseries. It was good to get out of the house and go somewhere lovely and do what normal people do! It’s a great distraction technique.
    • Switch off. Turn off your phone, power down your laptop & spend some time lazing, whether it’s with a good book, a stack of magazines or a box set, just veg. It might seem lazy, especially if you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm, but you need time to recooperate from stressful situations so vegging out is essential, especially if stress is impacting on your sleep.

cosy up

  • Have a good cry. Believe it not, this helps. If I need a bit of encouragement, I’ll watch a bit of Grey’s Anatomy. It gets me every time, but boy do I feel better if I’m mega stressed.

Don’t let stress get on top of you. If it’s causing you trouble, like sleepless nights, a change in your appetite or worse, you wake up with palpations & anxiety (trust me, it’s as awful as it sounds) then go and talk to your GP. Don’t stay silent about how you’re feeling. Stress happens to everyone and there’s nothing wrong with needing a bit of help.

#BEDN ~ Introductions

Welcome to my first #BEDN post and it’s all about introductions so here are a few fun facts about me:


  1. I have a morbid fascination with the end of the world, specifically zombies. I LOVE the TV series The Walking Dead and can watch it all day everyday. World War Z is one of my favourite books of all time and if the zombie apocalypse hits, head for the nearest castle.
  2. Chinese takeaway is my favourite food and I could happily eat Sweet & Sour beancurd with egg fried rice everyday. Yum!
  3. I’m really good at doing voices and do a fab Benjamin Button, especially the bit in the film when he says ‘Seven, but I look a lot older.’
  4. But I can only do voices, or anything even remotely embarrassing, in private or in front of my OH as I’m very shy, despite 9 years of teaching. I hate drawing attention to myself and resist doing anything that does so.
  5. I am obsessively tidy and don’t like it when things are out of place – I’ll even straighten up shelves in supermarkets. It’s a constant source of hilarity to my OH. I’m a little obsessive about the coasters on my desk, as they need to be straight at all times & I have a specific coaster for glasses and one for cups.
  6. I get overly attached to material things. I had a teapot that was broken and surplus to requirement so took it to the tip. My OH teased me about it being all lonely and rejected at the tip and it had taken a long time for me to get rid of it. I cried because I felt bad about the teapot being left at the tip. Yep. Real tears and everything.
  7. I get overly invested in TV programmes and will sit with a smile or a frown (or tears if it’s Grey’s Anatomy – it gets me everytime) on my face depending on what’s going on. (It’s something that my Granny used to do too!)
  8. I suffer from Imposter Syndrome and have done for the past ten years, though I only recently discovered what the feeling was! I’m not particularly worried about it, but it would be nice to be able to appreciate it when I do a good job!
  9. I went to my first concert when I was a just babe in arms & just a month or so old. My mum took me with her to a Leo Sayer concert and we had to fly there, as we were living in South Africa at the time, where I was born.
  10. I once had a mini panic attack when I got stuck in my jumper and ever since then, I don’t like any fabric covering my face, including putting my head under the duvet. It freaks me out!

Well, that’s it! Some weird & funny facts about me. Consider us introduced! Are you taking part in #BEDN? Let me know so I can follow you on Bloglovin’.


Blog Everyday in November

Whether you’re in a blogging slump, need some inspiration or just want to jazz things up a bit, taking part in month long challenge is always great fun. Last year, I took part in an Instagram challenge by Fat Mum Slim and took a photo a day. This year, I’m going to take part in Blog Everyday in November challenge by Rosalilium.

#BEDNSometimes I’m really stuck for ideas as to what I should I post, other times, I can’t find enough time to blog fast enough! Either way, it’s going to be really interesting as the topics are all open to individual interpretation and I’ve already got lots of ideas of what to post. So make sure you check back for something a little different!

Are you taking part in the #BEDN challenge? Let me know so I can follow your blog!

PS: I’ll still be writing my regular posts (time & sanity permitting), so if you feel like you might get overwhelmed with it all, I’ll see you in December 😉