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Handmade Christmas cards

Crafty Chai Wreath Christmas Cards

Crafty Chai Snowflake Christmas CardsLast week I committed myself to doing something crafty every afternoon. And after a tweet from a friend requesting some handmade Christmas cards, I knew what I had to spend my time doing. Monday afternoon was all about research & design. Some designs worked…some didn’t (like making my own paper snowflakes – A three year old could’ve done better!) Then I made some prototypes. Thursday was all about baking. Finally, I spent most of Friday making them. I made 10 for the friend who’d asked for them and another 10 for my Folksy shop.

Crafty Chai Wreath Christmas CardsEach card is unique. This is because I collect ribbon and buttons from where ever I can. A lot of it is reused. I don’t like to throw ribbon out & friends and family know & understand my button addiction! I had so much fun making the cards, despite the fact that it took all day! I didn’t think that looking for materials, putting the designs together & then sticking them to the cards could so long but it did! (Though I did watch Water for Elephants while I was doing it!)

I have now run out of the perfect sized green buttons for the Wreath card above so I’ll either have to hit up my family for more or go shopping for some! Hmmmmm…looks like a shopping trip is in order! x

Crafty Chai Christmas Tree Christmas Cards

Knitted Brooch

Knitted Brooch

I’ve finally found some time to add something else to my folksy shop. I’ve wanted to add some knitted flower brooches, like the one I knitted for my headband. I had some lovely wool that I wanted to use & had bought some brooch bars from Hobbycraft a while ago.

Following  a simple pattern, each flower takes just under two hours to complete & I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I just hope that folksy shoppers will think the same & buy some! Feel free to take a look at my folksy shop. x

Knitted Brooch

National Cupcake Week

Happy Cupcakes

Last week was National Cupcake Week. In order to support the week I thought I should have a cupcake. Alas, I was so busy I couldn’t get anywhere to get one. I tweeted this one day and got a response from the lovely people at Happy Cakes. They said that they would give me a cupcake! I couldn’t believe it. Naturally I responded & said I’d love one. Getting it to me proved to be a bit tricky but the ladies at Happy Cake had a solution – leave it a local hotel for me to pick up when I was in Oxford. It totally worked. I picked them up yesterday.

Now the proof of the pudding really is in the eating. And what a pudding! The cake was moist. The icing not to sweet or sickly & a little bit soft, which is how I like it. So not only did I see excellent customer service & a fantastic use of Twitter as a way of increasing brand awareness, I also got some blooming delicious cupcakes. And that is what is most important! Thank you so much Happy Cakes! You made me very happy! x

Happy Cupcakes