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A Crafty Chai at The Handmade Fair

Just over a week ago, I hotfooted it down to London to explore the first Handmade Fair. I was really interested to see what it was like, but also I wanted to see Kirsty Allsopp & Cath Kidston! I bought my ticket a while ago to take advantage of the Early Bird deal and to make sure I got a seat for the Kirsty/Cath chat.

It was raining when I left home, so I made sure I dressed appropriately, only to be greeted with glorious sunshine in London! It was boiling and so was I! Plus, I’d taken the train and had no idea how far Hampton Court Palace was from Paddington. The answer? It’s far. If I go again next year, I’m totally driving. Anyway, Hampton Court Palace is a great place for this event. It’s got such beautiful grounds that it’s worth making time to take a tour around them while visiting.

There was loads to see, do and buy, without it being overwhelming. When I booked my ticket, there were only a few of the skills classes available but I would’ve liked to go to a few different ones. I attended the Pom Pom making class (and yes, I did have to buy some Pom Pom makers afterwards!) and was supposed to go to the Papercutting class, but my train was late. I had a lovely day and am definitely thinking about going back next year. Lots of the stall holders had offers on and the food offerings were great too! Take a look.

Hampton Court PalaceMasterclassesPom Pom Making      Pom Pom Stitch Story Paper Tassles Chamby & CorWashi Tape Vintage Bloomers Lush Flowers Giant Knitting Spinach and chickpea curry Shopping Rowan TentKirstie AllsoppCath and Kirstie

I’ve been a Cath Kidston fan for many, many years now so it was lovely to finally see and listen to the person who has been so inspirational and whose products I’ve bought and cherished for many years.

Did you go to the Handmade Fair? What did you think? Have you got a pom pom maker?!

Tuesday Treat – A Day Full of Treats

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or to put it another way, when you have to go into Oxford for a meeting, make it worth your while by hitting up your local shops for a few treats. This is what I did last Tuesday. While I was in Oxford for a meeting, I thought that I deserved a few treats.

treatful tuesday

1. Using my new satchel for my meeting, which coincidentally, matches my favourite red shoes. 2. Bright yellow ranunculus from The Garden. 3. Lunch from Itsu – my favourite place for lunch. 4. New brolly from Cath Kidston to go in my satchel. 4. Itsu Belgian Chocolate Mousse. There are no words!

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a bit of a treat to brighten your day. These treats pretty much made my day. How about you? How do you treat yourself?

Poppy loves Cath Kidston

A little while ago, Poppy received some very pretty things from the lovely people over at Cath Kidston. I have been a Cath Kidston fan for a long, long time and I’m pleased to report that Poppy is most definitely a Cath Kidston dog!

Poppy the sun dog

One thing I find frustrating about dog accessories that you find in pet shops is that they are often dull, over the top (what dog needs a diamante collar?!) or expensive. With the Cath Kidston range, you get something pretty, reasonable and lovely. I really like the collar that Poppy received, as it’s nicer than a lot of others we’d seen, but it’s only £8 so it doesn’t break the bank.

Poppy on squirrel patrol

We also received a matching lead, but we keep that for ‘best’. We mainly use a retractable lead for when Poppy is in squirrel hunting mode. The other day, we turned a corner in the park and saw 8 squirrels. Poppy didn’t know what to do with herself! But when we’re walking through town or stopping at the pub for a drink, then the Cath Kidston lead is ideal. It’s hard wearing, pretty & perfect for getting Poppy to walk closely. Plus, when we stop somewhere for a drink, I can put the handle of the lead round the chair leg to keep Poppy close, which isn’t something you can do with the retractable. I really like the accessories that they currently do, but would love for them to expand the range even further. A Cath Kidston harness – I’d buy that. Cute spotty dog coat, yep, Poppy could do with one of those! Heck, I’d even Cath Kidston poo bags! Anything to brighten up that job!

Poppy the sleepy dogThis bed is probably Poppy’s most favourite thing. I hadn’t finished getting the cushion in before Poppy got in it! She loves it. She likes resting her head on the edge, as well as having something to lean against when she’s curled up into a little ball. It’s such a lovely, cosy bed, she spends almost all day in it. Just wish I could have one for me!

Poppy treat tin

We also received this lovely treat tin, which we keep some of Poppy’s treats in. We’re trying to train Poppy to go into her bed in the kitchen without being asked and stay there. When she does it, she gets a treat from the tin. These treats are only used for this purpose & a bit fancier than her regular treats. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We’re working on it!

We’re always working on something with Poppy. At the moment, it’s about getting her to wait for her dinner. As soon as it gets dark, she’s jumping over you, climbing over you, anything to get you to get up and get her dinner. She is one demanding pooch!

*While the Cath Kidston dog accessories we received were free, my review is my honest opinion.

Cath Kidston Bloggers Craft Night

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers craft night at the Cath Kidston shop in Oxford. I was joined by Natasha, Catherine, Victoria, Zoë, Dina & Rosalind. We were invited along to an evening of crafting in aid of Crisis. Cath Kidston are selling decoration kits, as well as giving the profits from the sale of the charity Christmas cards to raise money for Crisis.

There’s something pretty awesome about being in a shop after opening hours! We were able to have a good look around and start our Christmas shopping/buy some treats for ourselves! I bought these lovely charity Christmas cards & a pair of penguin pyjama bottoms. To be honest, I could have spent way more money! There are so many lovely things in Cath Kidston. They keep on bringing out gorgeous prints and great products!

crocodile santa stanley christmas decs tea towels scarves

We were given kits of Christmas decorations to make, complete with all the tools necessary to make them. After a quick mooch about, we all got started cutting out our shapes. Before long we got chatting, eating & drinking (hello mulled wine!). Progress was varied and I have to admit I didn’t finish mine during the evening, especially as I got distracted with some out of hours shopping! But I did sew my bricks on one side of the chimney. I finally finished it this week and have to say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I took the opportunity to have a go at different stitches. It’s not very often my hand sewing is as neat as this!

Cath Kidston Santa decoration

Not only that, but we were also given a few treats, including a second decoration to make. I can’t wait to finish this one too so that they are ready to go on the tree! Are you making any Christmas decorations this year? It does add a nice touch doesn’t it?

Make your own stanley cath kidston sewing kit