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Food Rules

Chocolate Cake

You may have noticed from some of my previous food posts that I am quite the fussy veggie. I am. Very fussy. This is why I like to look at a restaurants menu in advance. It’s not just so I can check that there’s a veggie option on it, it’s so that I’ll like the veggie option on it. My OH suggested I do a post about my weird food rules so that when I write about food, it all becomes clear! So here goes!

  1. Don’t put any kind of flavouring into my chocolate. I love chocolate.  I like orange but I do not like them together. The same applies to mint, raspberries, anything. The only possible exception I can think of is chai. I can’t tell you why. It just is.
  2. Don’t ever give me soup, a smoothie or a yoghurt. I don’t like liquid and lumps mixed together. Once, on a meal out, I was unwell & fancied soup. I asked the waitress if the tomato soup had any lumps in. She didn’t really get it. I blame my mother for this. She force fed me vegetable soup when I was a child. It didn’t stay down. Unpleasant. Food & drink should be distinctively different.
  3. I don’t drink anything during a meal. I will before & after, but not during. Not quite sure why. * Exception: If I do drink during the meal, it’s probably because I don’t like something on my plate.
  4. Broccoli, water chestnuts & bamboo shoots are the food of the devil. I will not eat these. My (very patient) OH has had to tell people that I won’t eat broccoli for fear of me having to leave it when we’ve been going round to someones house for dinner. Yes I’ve eaten them & no I just don’t like them. Broccoli is quite a tricky one, as it is a staple for some veggie food. I will leave food if it’s got broccoli in. Those of you who know me know how unheard of this is!
  5. Creme brulee & cheesecake should only ever be vanilla flavour. If creme brulee is on the menu, I will have it unless it’s been RUINED by being flavoured. I have seen it made with orange. Mucky. If I wanted an orange flavour, I’d eat an orange. I don’t mind if there’s a little fruit on the plate or a little fruit sauce, but that’s as far as it goes. And don’t even get me started on lemon cheesecake!
  6. Lemon. I like lemons, especially a slice in my diet coke on a warm day. But don’t flavour cakes or pudding with them! What a waste!
  7. Sponge. Vanilla cake. Victoria sponge. Whatever you want to call, I think it’s far too sweet. Just give me a plate of the mixture & that’s all I need.
  8. Spiced chai is my favourite drink of all time. I like the vanilla too but I will never try the Peppermint or Mango. Why? See the above points. Don’t mix my food/drinks up! Mint should only be used in toothpaste and mango…well, it just isn’t for me.
  9. Fruit. It’s not a pudding. Don’t offer me fruit & try to get me to think that it’s a treat, as all puddings should be. Fruit is something I have to have so that I can reach my 5 a day. It’s not a treat or a splurge.
  10. I am a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I will always have it. For example, ever since I was a teenager & started eating Chinese takeaway, I would always have the sweet & sour chicken. This has simply turned into sweet & sour tofu. If I ever changed & went for something else, it was always a huge let down. As takeaway is a bit of treat, I don’t want to be wasting this treat on some mucky disappointment. Hence the same choice. I know I’m not alone on this!

There is always one safe food with me – chips. I will always be happy eating chips no matter what (as long as they’re not cooked in beef dripping. Mucky!).

So. There you have it. Please note that these are MY food rules & not ones that I imagine people should start implementing on their lives!

I’d love to know what food rules you have, if any and what you think about mine! x

Chocolate Cake

Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies

I had some friends coming over this afternoon & was desperate to bake some cookies for them. The last time I made these cookies I had a real disaster! There was melted cookie mix everywhere – tasty tho!

Anyway, I wanted an easy cookie recipe that didn’t contain oats or fruit. I wanted chocolate. After a quick Google I discovered this recipe on BBC Food. I didn’t have enough eggs so halved all the ingredients. The recipe is easy to make though I didn’t roll the mixture into a sausage shape, I just spooned it onto my Slipat & hey presto. Mine took a bit longer than the 9 – 11 minutes suggested but OMG they are so tasty! A definite win! xHomemade Cookies

Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Cookie Dough

I’ve been looking for different baking ideas & have wanted to bake something for my gluten-free friends. So I’ve been trawling the internet for an easy gluten-free cookie recipe. It hasn’t been easy as many recipes call for loads of different types of flour & other ingredients which I don’t have. But then I stumbled across this recipe on All Recipes & it looked very easy. Phew!

Gluten Free Cookie DoughArmed with my gluten-free flour & chocolate chips I gathered the rest of the  ingredients. The mixture didn’t take long to put together & where the recipe calls for egg replacer, which I didn’t have or need to use, I simply just used one egg. The only other thing I did differently was use less chocolate chips – I know, madness right! But I had only bought 100g but I think it’s worked okay.

With the oven at the right temperature & the baking trays greased I set about spreading the dough out by about 5 cms. This means that baking them, in my small oven, is quite a lengthy & tricky process. The problem I had was that the cookies didn’t want to come off the trays easily even though they’d been grease. If anyone has a fool proof way of making them not stick I’d love to hear it!

After a bit of cooling the cookies were ready to eat & was lucky enough to have two testers (neither of whom suffer from coeliac disease) and they loved them! Good enough for everyone!  I baked about 15 & used just under half the mixture. I’ve put the rest in the freezer to use another time.  A tasty gluten-free treat! x

Gluten Free Cookies