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My Day in Mugs

pug mug

For those who follow my Twitter feed or my Instagram pics, you’ll know I love a good cup of tea, chai and coffee. Inspired by a post on See by Zoe, I thought I’d share my day via the mugs that I use. I know! What a fab idea. Now I love mugs & have a small addiction to buying mugs, so much so, that we’ve run out of space to buy anymore. Plus, I use the same ones, day in, day out, and very rarely use more than 5! And here they are:

Breakfast Tea Mug – Big Brown

Denby mug

I always have two cups of tea in Big Brown every morning. It’s a Denby Fire Chilli mug and I had two, but broke one. Sad times. It’s great for a morning cuppa because it holds quite a bit of tea & it’s a great shape for warming up.

I Heart NY – Morning Coffee

I Heart NY mug

I bought this mug while in New York 10 years ago & I only drink coffee from it! It’s bigger than a lot of the other mugs we have, so it’s great for a caffeine fix. I really want to knit a mug cosy for it, because I drink my coffee at my desk & it gets cold quite quickly. But it’s one of my favourites!

The Hungry Caterpillar – Afternoon Tea

Hungry Caterpillar mug

If I have a cup of tea with lunch or in the afternoon, or a chai, then this is my go to mug. It was a gift from my sister a few years ago & it’s used almost everyday. The only exception is when I have a cup of nettle tea in the afternoon & use my most recent purchase:

Pug Mug – Nettle Tea

pug mug

It is true that buying a pug mug is cheaper than buying a pug & almost as cute. It’s a really lovely mug by Fenella Smith & it’s quite small, perfect for a nettle tea. Plus its got pugs on it! What more do you need?!

Scrabble Mug – Horlicks

Scrabble mug

Yep, I’m really an 80 year old woman, trapped in the body of a 32 year old! I have Horlicks most nights and it goes in my C scrabble mug. It’s a great size for an evening drink, not too big, not too small.

Out of them all, Big Brown is my favourite & yes, I form emotional attachments to everyday objects & have been know to cry over broken mugs. But, when you love tea & chai as much as I do, you need a good mug to drink it in!

The Field Kitchen

Carrot Cake

After another busy week, I was looking forward to a catch up & some cake with a friend. Sadly, they had to cancel so my OH was challenged with finding somewhere new to go for tCarrot Cakeea & cake. He didn’t disappoint as we went to The Field Kitchen in Nettlebed.

It has a really lovely look & feel to it; quite rustic but very sophisticated at the same time. We arrived quite late in the afternoon so there were only a few cakes left. Both my OH & I opted for the carrot cake. It was delicious. The icing was very tasty & complimented the cake nicely without being too sweet. The portion was generous & I should’ve left some of mine, but I couldn’t because it was so nice! The other cake options were chocolate covered doughnuts & profiteroles. You could buy the profiteroles individually, which I thought was a nice touch. Sometimes you just want something little to go with your coffee & they would go well together. All the other food menus looked really tasty, with a few decent veggie options, that I will be going back to try!

They offer the typical tea & coffee options, and I was presently surprised to see a tub ofHuge Chai Latte Drink Me chai on the windowsill. Naturally I ordered that & my OH ordered a flat white. When they arrived, both were boiling hot – we both burnt our tongues a little (greedy!). Sadly, my chai was far too milky. It needed much more chai in it. My OH’s flat white was also lacking. He described it as cappuccino with very little foam. The biggest problem with the coffee was that flat whites should be served in quite small cups & my OH’s cup wasn’t. The Field Kitchen offer all drinks, including the flat white, in three sizes: regular, mug and bowl. This doesn’t work with flat whites. Similarly, if you’re making a big chai, you’ll need to increase the ratio of the chai with the increase in liquid. We were a bit disappointed with this, but I doubt this is the last time that my OH is disappointed with a flat white!

Cream Tea & Knitting

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

Last Friday I went to Fallowfields Hotel for a spot of knitting and a cream tea. I met up with Gail aka @a2knitting and Nikki from @nixbits66. We’d arranged it via Twitter & had the awkward ‘are you the ones?’ when we met up! But that didn’t last long at all. Before long we were gossipping nine to the dozen.

We ordered the cream tea & we weren’t disappointed! We had 2 scones each – one fruit & one plain, with plenty of cream and jam to be had. But it wasn’t all about the cream tea. We all brought something that we were knitting & had a good old chinwag while we got busy with our yarn.

I think we’ll definitely meet up again. It was so nice to meet up with fellow minded knitters. I love a good knitting circle & would encourage anyone to join in with their local one. You meet different people & can talk about so many different things. You might even get to eat some lovely cake!

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

Time Out Coffee Shop, Thame

Time Out Coffee shop

I’ve been really good in January with food etc. I’ve been working really hard so thought I’d treat myself to a bite to eat out and I fancied somewhere different so headed to Thame. I wanted somewhere with wifi & a friend suggested Time Out. The drinks menu is extensive. They serve almost every kind of Tea Pigs tea possible, the full range of Drink Me Chai, coffees and milkshakes galore. The food menu isn’t quite so extensive but I did have a very tasty goats cheese & cranberry ciabatta roll, which I had toasted.

Time Out Coffee shop

It was lush. It cost £4.50, which I thought was a bit pricey but didn’t mind the cost once I’d tasted it as it was delicious. Naturally I had a spiced chai, which was £2.50 for a standard size. This is quite reasonable as Starbucks will charge you over £3 for a tall chai latte, which is an inferior drink anyway. It has a really nice relaxed atmosphere and the staff were great. I’d definitely come back here. x