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How to Make a Paper Garland

I have hoarding tendencies. What can I say – it runs in the family! I will never forget visiting my Granny at her home & seeing that she’d kept the gift tags from our presents to her and hung them on the wall! That’s just the tip of the iceberg! So, in a bid to preserve my sanity & to not get bogged down in clutter (moving house 4 times in three years also helps!) I try to find a use for something if it’s going to stay in our home. If it doesn’t have a purpose or can be given a purpose quickly, then it’s regifted, given to charity or recycled. After all, our house is quite small & storage is at a premium. So when I come across lovely paper or packaging, I’ll try to think up a way to use it so that I can keep it. This is one of the reasons I love Pinterest so much. You can pin ideas or blog posts about using different materials to give them a new lease of life. And it was one of these that inspired my paper garland (though I cannot find the inspiration for it anywhere, so if you think the idea is yours, please let me know so I can credit you!) I had a really old page from a book that came with a Christmas present from my OH and a lovely red stripe paper bag. Nothing special, but I couldn’t part with either of them! So I decided to make them into a paper garland to hang on my notice board to make it bit more interesting.

Paper garland kit

I am quite impatient with some crafts. If it needs a lot of kit or is going to take me ages, I’m less inclined to do it. So I needed my garland to be quick & easy. And it was. I cut out triangles from the paper & the bag and cut some bakers twine (reused!) to length. I had no idea if the double sided sticky tape would work, but so far everything is still where it’s supposed to be! I added a small strip of tape to the back of each triangle. And hey presto! It worked!

paper garlandA simple, and quick, paper garland. The triangles are quite small, and you could cut them to any size or shape. It didn’t take long & I didn’t have to buy any new materials, which I think is always a good thing. Here’s the finished article on my newly pimped up & decluttered notice board.

The paper garlandThe Mo Farah quote is from The Green Gal’s blog & it inspires me every day! The British Cuppa card is by Archivist Press, though I bought this at Daylesford Farm. The Pinterest logo is a sticker that I stuck on the same paper used in the garland.

I’m really pleased with it. It was simple & quick & is a lovely new feature to my room. I’ve been reorganising my work space recently, mainly because I had too much ‘stuff’ going on and not enough organisation. Reorganising & prettying up my notice board was part of sorting out my space. How do you reuse things that you really want to keep? Have you come across any fab ways to reuse paper?

My Birthday Wish List


I want things all the time. I pin them, blog about them, tweet about them & Facebook them. But when my birthday comes around & people say, ‘What would you like for your birthday?’ my mind goes blank! So I thought I’d spend some time thinking about what I’d really like, something that I would really enjoy. I’d like a mixture of treats, practical things as well as things I can do. So here goes!

Cross Stitch Kit

Sewing KitI’ve wanted this cross stitch kit for ages! Our walls are a little bit bare, since I’ve been terrified to put anything up on our newly plastered walls! (They were redone when we moved in – 3 years ago!) But I think this would go quite nicely with something I’m working on.

Bespoke Lampshade Workshop

lampshade class

We desperately need some new lampshades, but I really want to have a go at making my own. I’d love to go to a lampshade workshop to learn how to do it – at least that way I’d have at least one new shade to hang in the house!

Apothecary Jar


Now I don’t really need this, but I love it! And I’ve already thought about all the different beautiful flowers that could go in it. Perfect for bringing a bit of the outside in.


PeoniesPeonies are my favourite flower. They are so cheerful & remind me of summer. I’m definitely going to plant a peony bush in the garden when we get around to it, but for now I’d settle for a small bunch of them!

Succulent Plants


I am obsessed with succulents at the moment. They seem to be everywhere! I’ve got a few containers that would look great with succulents in them. Plus I’m thinking that they’re easy to take care of, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned!

Dr Martens – Boots

DMBootsSince we adopted Poppy, we’re doing a lot more walking. I’d love a new pair of Dr Martens to go out in. I can remember having a few pairs of these when I was a teenager – so wish I hadn’t thrown them out!

Dr Martens – Bag


I still need a bag big enough to carry my laptop in as well as all my bag stuff. I hate having to carry lots of bags, but I need a stylish bag that can hold as much stuff as Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

Veggie Fizzy Cola Bottles

Veggie Fizzy cola bottlesThese were my favourite sweets as a kid – my pick’n’mix bag was always full of them! But since turning veggie, they’re really hard to come by so I save them for birthday treats. Lush!

Sipsmith Gin

GinI love a good G&T in the Summer! Sitting in the garden, with a good book & the sun going down, and a delicious G&T in my glass! What could be better?!

Gilmore Girls – Season 2


I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan! I love the place, the people & want to move there! I’ve only got Season 1 on DVD so I need to add the next one to my collection!

The Walking Dead – Season 2


I am also completely obsessed with zombies & am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I’m devastated that I can’t watch Season 3 yet because we don’t have the right channel so for the moment, I’d like the Season 2 box set to keep me going.

If I had to choose one thing though, I think I’d have to go for the peonies! They are just so lovely! I also definitely want cake and lots of it! How about you? What one thing do you want for your next birthday?

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

There’s nothing quite like reading a magazine over a lazy breakfast on a Saturday morning, mug of tea in one hand, piece of toast in the other. This Saturday morning, why not give 91 Magazine a read? With great articles, beautiful pictures and bright Spring colours, you won’t be sorry you did!

91 Magazine

I love the colour on the front of the magazine and the pastel shades continue throughout. There are guides, tutorials, interviews and inspiration in bucket loads! I’ve already been inspired to make over our dining chairs & create a paper garland for my study! What are you waiting for?! Get over there & read it! And when you’ve finished reading that, be sure to check out the blog, Patchwork Harmony, for more great pictures and inspiration aplenty!

Craft Resolutions & Review

The Joy of Being Crafty

Another year has passed and another has begun. Like everyone, I’ve made a ton of resolutions. I know I won’t be able to keep all of them for the whole year, but I’m hoping to make it through January at the very least!

Anyway, I made some Craft Resolutions last year and I achieved about half. Not bad! This year, I’m going to be less ambitious. Now that might sound like a negative thing, but I hate it when I make a list of things to do and I don’t complete it. So I’m still going to work on completing last years list, and I’m going to be more realistic this year. The important thing is that I continue to make time to craft. Not only have I made some pretty cool things but it’s also good for me to do something other than work!

This year, I want to improve my knitting skills. It’s my favourite craft and it’s the one I’m best at. Therefore, I’m going to focus on it more. To that end, I asked for wool for Christmas to help get this underway and I was very lucky to receive enough wool to make two jumpers! I hope to start knitting the first one quite soon, but I’ve got a few other projects to complete before then. But the main thing I want to do this year is develop my knitting skills & not just pick easy patterns for small, quick things. Let’s hope I stick to this one!

I’m still going to try new crafts and continue to work on the other ones that I still enjoy – I’ve got lots of ideas for silver jewellery designs and cards that I want to make. Plenty to keep me busy!

PS – You might notice that the usual images are missing from this post. I’ll be moving my blog to WordPress soon & moving the images will be a bit tricky so I won’t be adding too many until it’s moved. It’ll be worth the wait though! Promise!