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A Crafty Chai has moved!


So I finally got my act together & moved my little blog from Typepad to WordPress. My reasons for this are simple really – it’s cheaper to host it myself than through Typepad, plus I’m much more confident at using WordPress now compared to when I first started blogging. This time, I’m taking it to the next level by setting up Google Analytics & focusing more on SEO so that more people might happen to come across this little fellow. I’ve also joined a little site called Bloglovin, you may have heard of it! Follow my blog with Bloglovin and keep up to date with all my witterings.


I have a few tasks left to do, like updating links and images, and a few photos to take for the slider. Have patience! I’ll get there soon! I’ve also created a little Facebook page for my blog too so if you want to follow me on there too, that will certainly make me smile!


New Silver Work

Triple Square necklace

Since Christmas I’ve listed a few new different pieces of silver jewellery on my Folksy page. It’s quite tricky to know what to do about items on my page. If they don’t sell, how long do I keep them on? Is what I like going to sell? Why aren’t things selling?! I’ve tried not to get frustrated or down hearted about it and instead, try different things, lower my prices & fill my shop a bit more.

For this end, I’ve added a few new things this weekend. I’ve recently made a square necklace, a tear drop pendent and a pair of earrings. I like them & would wear them…I just hope other people will too.

Tear Drop necklace Triple Square necklace

A Crafty Chai in Popular Crafts

Popular Crafts

A little while ago, as I was sitting at my desk, someone on Twitter asked if anyone wrote a craft blog. Always keen to introduce my blog to new readers, I suggested mine. Lo and behold they liked it!

The person who had tweeted the request is the editor for Popular Crafts magazine and asked if I would be happy for my little blog to be featured. No need to ask! Feature away! I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy of this month’s edition and am so proud to see my blog in such a fantastic craft publication. If someone had told me that my blog would be in a magazine one day, I would’ve thought they were crazy! But here it is…A Crafty Chai in Popular Crafts!

Thanks so much for the opportunity Katharine. You’ve made my day! x

Popular Crafts

Handmade Christmas cards

Crafty Chai Wreath Christmas Cards

Crafty Chai Snowflake Christmas CardsLast week I committed myself to doing something crafty every afternoon. And after a tweet from a friend requesting some handmade Christmas cards, I knew what I had to spend my time doing. Monday afternoon was all about research & design. Some designs worked…some didn’t (like making my own paper snowflakes – A three year old could’ve done better!) Then I made some prototypes. Thursday was all about baking. Finally, I spent most of Friday making them. I made 10 for the friend who’d asked for them and another 10 for my Folksy shop.

Crafty Chai Wreath Christmas CardsEach card is unique. This is because I collect ribbon and buttons from where ever I can. A lot of it is reused. I don’t like to throw ribbon out & friends and family know & understand my button addiction! I had so much fun making the cards, despite the fact that it took all day! I didn’t think that looking for materials, putting the designs together & then sticking them to the cards could so long but it did! (Though I did watch Water for Elephants while I was doing it!)

I have now run out of the perfect sized green buttons for the Wreath card above so I’ll either have to hit up my family for more or go shopping for some! Hmmmmm…looks like a shopping trip is in order! x

Crafty Chai Christmas Tree Christmas Cards