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Tuesday Treat – Fresh flowers

Isn’t it great seeing spring flowers finally come into bloom? I’m sure I’ve been able to smell them in the air some mornings, which is a sure sign spring is about. Ever since our Christmas decorations were put away at the beginning of the year, I’ve continually had fresh flowers in the house. It wasn’t a conscious decision but every time one bunch went over, I bought a new one. Nothing expensive or fancy, trying to support local shops where possible and it has been lovely having fresh flowers, especially as our spring bulbs have only recently started to come into bloom.

Fresh flowers

The spring bulbs are finally coming up in the garden too. The crocuses have been about for a little while, but the daffodils have only bloomed in the last week. I’ve also noticed a few tulips and hyacinth are almost ready to burst into life. We didn’t have much colour in the garden over winter and I didn’t realise how much I would missed seeing their colour. We’ve resurrected a near dead orchid and it finally bloomed last week, which was amazing. Not only was I amazed that we hadn’t completely killed it, but that we were able to get it to bloom again. Bloomin’ marvellous! (*groan*) There’s something so lovely about having fresh flowers around, whether they’re in the garden or the home. They really brighten up my day.

Tuesday Treat – Spring Time Sunshine

How beautiful was the weather last weekend?! After three weeks of constantly blowing my nose, feeling rubbish and not having a spare five minutes to myself, it was lovely to get out in the sun with Poppy and Phil over the weekend.


While the bulbs I planted in the garden have yet to produce any colour, there’s plenty of colourful flowers to be seen out and about. I also think I’m finally getting over my cold, which is good so hopefully that’ll be the last I see of that for a while. Not only that, but I enjoyed a Mother Superior bathbomb from Lush and it was delicious! Isn’t it great to see the back of winter?! Let’s hope there’s lots more sun to come!