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The Oxford Bake Off

Oxford Bake Off

A few weeks ago, the lovely Kate from Oxford Bake Off tweeted me to ask if I would be interested in taking A Crafty Chai along & having a stall at the event. I ummed & ahhed about it for a while, wondering if I would ever be able to make enough stock but thought that I’d give it a go!

This will be my first ever craft stall and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have so many things to think about: displays, bags, a float, will I have enough stock, how much do I need, what if no one buys anything, will I spend all my profit on the cakes that are for sale at the event?…it goes on! But am I so excited and chuffed about being asked.

I am going to be crafting so much over the next few weeks. I’m going to be selling my jewellery, cosies & brooches and maybe headbands as well as cards, including some of the Blom flower cards that I made recently.

Below is a list of the stalls that will be in Oxford Town Hall on 24th March. Look, there’s me! So proud! There’ll be cakes a plenty, lovely local tea company Jeeves & Jericho (my latest tea obsession) and vintage china from The Jolly Vintage Tea Party in the pop-up tea room.

Oxford Bake Off

If you are free & around Oxford on the 24th March, pop along and support some of these excellent causes: Oxfam IWD, Coppa Feel, Cecily’s Fund and Oxford Rape Crisis.

National Cupcake Week

Happy Cupcakes

Last week was National Cupcake Week. In order to support the week I thought I should have a cupcake. Alas, I was so busy I couldn’t get anywhere to get one. I tweeted this one day and got a response from the lovely people at Happy Cakes. They said that they would give me a cupcake! I couldn’t believe it. Naturally I responded & said I’d love one. Getting it to me proved to be a bit tricky but the ladies at Happy Cake had a solution – leave it a local hotel for me to pick up when I was in Oxford. It totally worked. I picked them up yesterday.

Now the proof of the pudding really is in the eating. And what a pudding! The cake was moist. The icing not to sweet or sickly & a little bit soft, which is how I like it. So not only did I see excellent customer service & a fantastic use of Twitter as a way of increasing brand awareness, I also got some blooming delicious cupcakes. And that is what is most important! Thank you so much Happy Cakes! You made me very happy! x

Happy Cupcakes

Crafty Birthday

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes It was my OH’s sisters birthday the other day so naturally I took it upon myself to make some cakes. They had to be the best ones I’ve ever made. I think I’ve finally got my oven sussed (it can be a bit temperamental!) so that the cakes were cooked really well.

I think I’ve also got the recipe down to a T. I use the Hummingbird Bakery recipe for the vanilla & chocolates cupcakes & frosting. I know my icing still needs a bit of work & I’d like to get more piping equipment to vary how they look. But I was happy with how they turned out & they went down well!

Bee Birthday Card The other thing I made for the birthday was this birthday card (I’d forgotten to buy one – busy week!) so thought I could use my stencil magic!

I made a bit of an error on my first attempt so resorted to some previous bees that I’d stenciled ages ago. I then cut them out of my sketch book & straightened the edges with my little guillotine. I then used some contrasting craft paper as the backing paper. I used some double sided sticking tape. This worked fab as it meant that everything stuck well & the card didn’t warp like it does with other types of glue.

I’d really like to make more cards & like the look & feel of stenciled cards though I need a greater variety of stencils.

I’d also like to have a go at making my own decorative tape, as seen on the lovely Ginger & George blog. Need to stock up on some paper first. Oh well, what a chore!

Nutella Cupcakes

Browsing blogs is a great way to get recipes & ideas, as is looking through Twitter. One of the people I follow is The List Writer and a few weeks ago she tweeted about Nutella cupcakes. Naturally I asked for the recipe so when she blogged about it I knew that I had to make them!

The recipe was very straightforward and can be found on Nancy's blog The Philosophy of Lists. I didn't put any frosting on them as they were so chocolatey already that I didn't think they needed it. The only mistake I made was not trusting my oven and cooking them for a few minutes more than Nancy instructed. It didn't ruin them but the Nutella wasn't as liquid as it should have been.

There are no pictures as I was busy baking both for work & for my OH's birthday. And I was probably too busy eating the Nutella to pick up my camera! Needless to say they were delicious and I will be making them again. Fact x