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Homemade Body Scrub

The Finished Article

I have recently resigned from my job (for a number of dull reasons which I won’t bore you with) so I’m in the process of trying to cut a few corners until something new comes along. Where’s a better place to start than my beauty regime? I normally use the Sanctuary Salt Scrub but at £10 a go I wondered if I could do better.

Well the answer is simply yes! I’d read a scrub recipe on Daisy Green Magazine’s website, courtesy of Gabrielle Treanor, so thought I’d give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed.

Homemade Body ScrubI started with getting my ingredients together, minus the essential oil as I didn’t have any. However, I will be getting some to add to my next batch. This is the best bit of doing something like this. You can make your batch to whatever size you want. If you don’t want to be wasteful then just use a smaller measuring cup. By doing that you can also vary the oils that you use. Once you’ve got a few in then one week you can use rose, the next maybe bergamot, following that orange or peppermint. You could even mix and match to make your own unique scent.

Two Parts SugarOnce I’d measured out my sugar (and cleaned up the spilt bits – I’m a bit clumsy!) I poured it into a jar. This was just a clean one that I had to hand but if you wanted to make it bit more appealing (or maybe give it away as a gift) you could choose something pretty, tie some ribbon round the lid & attach a homemade gift card. (Family & friends be warned – something like this could be coming your way at  Christmas!) Obviously you’d have to check/find out if they were One Part Olive Oilallergic to any of the ingredients and check that you aren’t either before you smother yourself in it. I have had minor rashes from some scrubs before as I have sensitive & dry skin but I didn’t from this. The great thing is you are in control of the ingredients. You can buy organic, ethical oil & sugar so you know that it’s the best that it can be for all concerned.

The Finished ArticleOnce you’ve added the oil to your sugar you mix it up & head to the bathroom. I have really dry skin that can become really painful if I don’t moisturise it. This also contributes to ingowing hairs (gross!) so I need something that exfoliates well but isn’t too harsh either. This recipe fits the bill. It is cheap to make, easy & quick to do. You have complete say over what goes in & it doesn’t leave the shower covered in muck (much to the relief of my OH!) I was left with soft skin that tingled nicely. It has worked a treat on my rough bits but hasn’t hurt my skin. I will definitely be making this again. A fantastic crafty way to get summer skin – even if the weather won’t let you show it off! x

For other homemade beauty recipes have a look on Daisy Green Magazine.

Crafty Spending

Red Heart Recycled Paper Bunting

Over the last week we’ve been having our boiler replaced. Dull. It also meant my sanctuary was out of bounds due to pressure/pipe issues *yawns*. Anyhoo before all of this happened, I managed to get in a few cheeky on-line orders. Having recently discovered Etsy (& even got my OH shopping on there) I have a whole new place to get overdrawn!

Pugs Not Drugs BagMy first order was with Gemma Correll. My OH & I are obsessed with pugs. I can’t explain it but we love them. Not that we have one but this bag was our third pug-related purchase in as many months! I hadn’t heard of Gemma’s work until I received a ‘Pugs not Drugs’ anniversary card recently from my OH. As soon as I could I visited her Etsy page & spotted this. It arrived super quick & with a few little postcards & a badge. This is what I love about Etsy & Folksy. The attention to detail. It makes you feel unique & that your custom is appreciated.

It is already full of eBay parcels ready to take to the Post Office on Monday. I know for sure that this is one bag my OH won’t winge about carrying. Who could? It’s the cutest & funniest bag in the world. Ever. Fact.

Red Heart Recycled Paper BuntingMy second purchase of the week was from the lovely ‘The Green Gables‘. I have been looking for an excuse to buy something from here & when I saw the offer of a £5 discount via Daisy Green Magazine I knew I had to use it. (Love a good discount!) So I went for the red heart recycled paper bunting with jute string. There are so many colours to choose from & the option of it being joined together with satin ribbon I was umming & ahhing for ages. But this is what I’ve got. The picture shows it in a bundle as I’ve yet to decide where to put it. Draped over my notice board? Above my new mirror? Over my bookcase? No idea yet. But as soon as it’s up, I’ll let you know. For the moment, it is on my desk in this elegant bundle. Thank you Green Gal.