We live in a Victorian house that has a chimney in both the rooms downstairs. The one in my study has been sealed off and had the original fireplace removed. So when we saw this one for sale on eBay, we snapped it up as it was a bargain. It needed a bit of tlc so we finally got around to cleaning it up last weekend – it’s only taken two years!

BeforeAs you can see, it’s pretty rusty. So I ordered some 0000 grade wire wool and fireplace polish from Cast Fire Places and got to scrubbing.

Rusty fireplace

Vintage fireplaceI used the wire wool to get the worst of the rust off, then wiped off the dust with a barely-damp cloth. I ran out of wire wool, so there are a few little spots of rust left, but they add to it, in my opinion.

Fireplace cleanupThen I applied the polish before buffing the whole fireplace. I’m not going to lie to you – it took way longer than I thought it would! Plus, it was really tough and very, very messy. But it was totally worth it! It’s not perfect, as some of the rust was really difficult to remove, due to the design of the fireplace. Plus, the bottom tile was broken & has been superglued back together. It was always missing the basket, but I’m not that bothered as it’s only for decoration, plus it leaves room for my vintage ale bottle & flowers.

AfterMy OH had to drill holes in the floor to set it into and it had to be drilled to the wall. This wasn’t the easiest thing in the world either! But finally, after 2+ years, the fireplace is cleaned up and standing where it should be! It really makes the room look amazing and I’m really pleased we’ve finally got it in place.