Poppy is like a hoover. She will eat almost anything. Whether we’re out walking through town or pottering around at home, you have to have your eyes peeled in case she wolfs something down that she shouldn’t. To look at her, you’d think butter wouldn’t melt, wouldn’t you? But she is a scavenger. She will root through people’s bins, handbags and even snatch the food out of your hand if you’re not careful! She gets fed plenty, we discussed it with the vet when we got her, as she was underweight, so she’s just being a greedy guts.

Sleepy dogHere’s a roundup of just some of the things she’s eaten over the last week – some of which, she shouldn’t!

  • Chewing gum off the street
  • Sick off the street
  • Cat poo (lots)
  • A dead bird, twice. One was recently deceased, one not so much
  • Small mammal bones
  • A strawberry
  • A slice of cucumber
  • A plastic bag containing goodness knows what (I managed to pull it out of her throat)
  • Lots of ‘unknown’ food/animal stuffs off the street
  • Chips off the street
  • Frozen watermelon
  • Skittles off the street
  • Haribo sweets off the street
  • Apples – she’ll eat fresh, half eaten, partially decomposed and little crab apples that fall off trees near our house. She’s not fussy!
  • Pizzle
  • Pig skin roll
  • Her regular food
  • Egg shells – both out of bins and out of trees
  • Possibly a nibble of a small jellyfish
  • Roast Lamb, thanks to my naughty Mum!

Now, we do know that she shouldn’t be eating most of the stuff on this list, but she’s much closer to the food on the ground than I am and she’s a lot quicker! Plus, once she’s got it in her mouth, unless there’s something to grab, like the plastic bag, you do not have a hope in getting it out of her mouth. Believe me, I’ve tried. And no amount of treats, or shouting ‘Leave’ (our drop command) or swearing will get her drop it. Once it’s in, it’s in. Also, the stuff she eats off the street is in very small quantity. I watch her like her hawk so if I see she’s got something past my security, I step up the pace and get her to walk away from it (or drag her away while encouraging her with a treat, all while trying not to gag on whatever gross thing she’s chomping on!)

We are very careful & strict about what Poppy eats. We do not give her treats unless they are natural. We don’t want her to beg for food or be the kind of dog we can’t take to places because she’s a nuisance at the table. She has a bed in the kitchen which she sits in while we’re preparing food and on the whole, she’s really good around food. (She’s only stolen a few things off my OH’s plate!) She has natural treats, as much as possible, and while we might give her human food, such as a strawberry, it won’t be much and it won’t be processed. She doesn’t view food the same way we do. If she deserves a treat, she’ll get one, but it’ll be suitable for a dog.

Now if only I could get the good people of Abingdon not to be such litterbugs, walks with Poppy would be easier!