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Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire – Newgale Beach

Newgale beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to and I think it’s become my favourite beach. If you get the tide time right, it’s huge. I use the My Tide Times app and it’s brilliant for ensuring you arrive at the right time for maximum beach walking. Once you get over the pebble bank at the back of the beach, there are miles of golden sands ready to be explored. It’s fairly flat so is easy to walk across, unless it’s blowing a gale, which can make it very difficult, especially if you’re a small black dog with giant ears!

Poppy Beach dog Newgale Beach Newgale Newgale Pembrokeshire Newgale Beach Pembs Breezy Newgale Poppy on Newgale Newgale Pebbles

When we visited, we had come from the direction of Broadhaven and stopped at the first car park we came to which has seasonal parking charges. They kicked in the next day so we parked for free. As we parked at the opposite end to the cafe we wanted to go to, the Sands cafe, we drove to the cafe once we’d finished our walk and parked in the cafe car park. It’s really small so if you can walk up from one of the other car parks, then do, but make sure you pop in for a bite to eat.

The Walk: Newgale beach is just under 2 miles long. It has a huge pebble bank at the back of the beach, which can be difficult to walk down so watch your step. Newgale does have seasonal dog restrictions. The middle third of the beach is out of bounds to dogs during the summer. Take a look at the Visit Pembrokeshire website for a map highlighting the restrictions. There’s still plenty of beach to enjoy despite the restriction.
Cost: Free
Car Park: There are three car parks and two have seasonal parking charges. Well worth it though.
Refreshments: There are two cafes, one at either end of the beach. Mum & I went to Sands cafe and enjoyed a delicious warming bowl of soup. It’s dog friendly too!
Toilets: Yes.

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Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire – Broad Haven Beach

If there’s one thing that Pembrokeshire has in spades it’s beaches. Plus growing up there means that the sun doesn’t have to be shining for me to enjoy them! However, when I went to Broad Haven over Easter, I was lucky enough to get a few days of sunshine, even if there were gale force winds.

I hadn’t been to Broad Haven before so it was great to see what it was like before all the summer crowds get there. It’s a lovely beach with loads of rock pools at the edges for Poppy to sniff in, though she did try to eat a few sea anemones! That dog will try to eat anything!

Broad Haven Pembrokeshire Broad Haven Broad Haven Beach Hermit Crab Shell Broad Haven North

If you get the tide right, you can beyond the rocks you see in the picture above. We didn’t when we visited because it was blowing a gale and I also wanted to walk on Newgale beach and had to pace Poppy a bit! Broad Haven is a beautiful beach and well worth a visit, even in winter.

The Walk: Broad Haven beach is gorgeous but to make the most of it, be sure to visit when the tide is out. There are dog restrictions on the northern part of the beach from 1st May to 30th September so be sure to check before heading out for your dog walk.
Cost: Free
Car Park: There are two car parks in Broad Haven so make sure you have change for them.
Refreshments: There are a number of places to buy refreshments in Broad Haven itself and it’s just on the beach so you don’t need to go far for a brew.
Toilets: There are loos in the car park.

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Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire – Freshwater East

During a recent visit home to Pembrokeshire, I needed to get on a beach and breath in the sea air. Growing up near the coast means that you miss that salty air when you’re away from it too long. We headed to Freshwater East for a change and it was a great success. We managed to get there during low tide, which meant we had quite a lot of beach to play around on as well as some rock pools for Poppy to play in.

Freshwater EastRock Pools for dogs Freshwater East Pembrokeshire Poppy on Fresh EastFree poo bagsFresh EastDamp dog

Freshwater East is dog friendly all year round and they even had a bank of free dog poo bags, so don’t forget to pick it up and bin it! It’s really popular with families during the nice weather as it’s such a lovely beach so be aware that it can get really busy. During those times, we’d put Poppy on her lead, but when we went, it was pretty quiet so Poppy was allowed to be off the lead for most of her walk, which meant she could leap about in the rock pools. She had so much fun running about the rocks on the beach and leapt over a few, which was ace. She did this again on the other side of the beach, but didn’t realise there was a massive pool of water behind the rock and got completely soaked! She shook it off though and was a real trooper! Fresh East is a lovely beach and we’ll definitely be going back there over Christmas.

The Walk: There are a number of walks you can do around Freshwater East, as well as just walking along the beach. It’s definitely worth being aware when the tide will be out so that you can get as much beach in as you can.
Cost: Free
Car Park: There is a car park at Freshwater East, which is free from 1st November to 31st March. It costs £1 for one hour, £3 for 3 hours and £5 for over three hours.
Refreshments: I can remember going to the shop at Fresh East as a child, but it wasn’t open when we went and I can’t remember if it’s still there, so pack a thermos and some homemade flapjack, just in case.
Toilets: There are toilets at the entrance to the beach.

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