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Filofax Planning

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a stationery geek. I love it, whether it’s a new pencil, notebook or my school planner, I am in heaven. As I was coloring in my timetable and updating my calendar with new school dates and events for the next academic year, I decided that I needed to pimp up my Filofax (similar one here) a bit. My Filofax is my life. It’s where I put all my jobs for school (and I always have lots!), as well as addresses and other bits of useful information so it’s important that it looks good and colourful.

My Pretty Week Filofax dividersFred and Bell planner stickersFilofax planning

It definitely needed new dividers, as the old ones were very, very dog eared. After a quick search on Etsy, I came across My Pretty Week, who have a massive range of dividers. I went for the geometric patterned ones, which are doubled sided. I am so impressed with the quality of the dividers. They’re stronger than the ones the Filofax came with, which is great, as I hope these last a long time because I love them! I’m really happy with them.

I also saw a tweet about Fred and Bell planner stickers and thought that they would be a great addition to my Filofax. I got a mixture of the everyday icon stickers and the flag stickers, which I’ll use for blog planning. I also use specific colour pens for certain things, green for holidays, red for school events and deadlines, and I highlight appointments to make them stand out. I use washi tapes in two different ways. I make tabs that stick out for appointments and I also fold it over the edge of the page for special occasions, holidays, that kind of thing.

In September, I’m going to be full time at school and the need to be organised, or at the very least, feel organised, and I’m hoping that my colorful and stylish Filofax will help with that!

Tuesday Treat – A new Filofax

I’ve been a fan of Filofax for a long time. My whole life is in mine, which I received as a gift seven years ago. Just over a month ago, I noticed how worn and grubby mine is looking and my ruler is broken. I thought it was time I treated myself to a new one and knew exactly which one I wanted – the Songbird Filofax. I’d seen it a while ago, but wasn’t ready to replace mine. However, when I went to look for one online, I was sad to see that it had been discontinued.

Songbird Filofax

Then, on Saturday while having a bit of a shop in Oxford, I popped into WH Smiths to stock up on pens for school, when I walked by the Filofax stand and saw a lonely Songbird Filofax! I didn’t hesitate – I picked it up straight away and as soon as I could started transferring all of my information into my new one. When I saw that Filofax had discontinued it, I really thought I’d never get one. I wasn’t really interested in any of the others they currently have so am so chuffed to have the one that I want!. I am one very happy stationery geek!