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The Field Kitchen

Carrot Cake

After another busy week, I was looking forward to a catch up & some cake with a friend. Sadly, they had to cancel so my OH was challenged with finding somewhere new to go for tCarrot Cakeea & cake. He didn’t disappoint as we went to The Field Kitchen in Nettlebed.

It has a really lovely look & feel to it; quite rustic but very sophisticated at the same time. We arrived quite late in the afternoon so there were only a few cakes left. Both my OH & I opted for the carrot cake. It was delicious. The icing was very tasty & complimented the cake nicely without being too sweet. The portion was generous & I should’ve left some of mine, but I couldn’t because it was so nice! The other cake options were chocolate covered doughnuts & profiteroles. You could buy the profiteroles individually, which I thought was a nice touch. Sometimes you just want something little to go with your coffee & they would go well together. All the other food menus looked really tasty, with a few decent veggie options, that I will be going back to try!

They offer the typical tea & coffee options, and I was presently surprised to see a tub ofHuge Chai Latte Drink Me chai on the windowsill. Naturally I ordered that & my OH ordered a flat white. When they arrived, both were boiling hot – we both burnt our tongues a little (greedy!). Sadly, my chai was far too milky. It needed much more chai in it. My OH’s flat white was also lacking. He described it as cappuccino with very little foam. The biggest problem with the coffee was that flat whites should be served in quite small cups & my OH’s cup wasn’t. The Field Kitchen offer all drinks, including the flat white, in three sizes: regular, mug and bowl. This doesn’t work with flat whites. Similarly, if you’re making a big chai, you’ll need to increase the ratio of the chai with the increase in liquid. We were a bit disappointed with this, but I doubt this is the last time that my OH is disappointed with a flat white!

Breakfast and 11’s

Missing Bean

You know the feeling when you look in the cupboards at breakfast & just don’t fancy another bowl of dull cereal? Well that happened in Crafty Chai HQ this morning. My OH quickly suggested breakfast out. Motion passed. We grabbed our coats and headed out the door.

Jericho CafeWe headed straight for Jericho and back to the place we first went to when we found somewhere to live in the best part of Oxford: The Jericho Cafe. I love this place. It’s perfect for lazy Sunday breakfasts, lingering cups of coffee and tasty meals. We used to live up the road from there so it was even more perfect then! I could eat every meal of the day here. They have an excellent vegetarian range and even today the veggie special was amazing. But we were here for breakfast so I had the cooked veggie one. At a reasonable £7, you get eggs whichever way you want them, beans, veggie sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and tea or coffee. You get just enough to fill you for most of the day without making you feel stuffed. I really like the veggie sausages here. You don’t feel like you’ve been left out as a veggie. One of the things I like about the cafe is that you can hang around there and people watch to your hearts content! A fab place.

After a bit of Christmas shopping we needed to warm up and rest our weary feet. One thingMissing Bean Oxford does well is independent coffee shops. One of the best is The Missing Bean on Turl Street. Because it’s one of the best, it’s usually really busy without any free tables. My OH & I were lucky enough to grab the only free table in the place. I had a delicious chocolate macaroon and a small chai latte. The chai always comes in a small glass and it always seems to go far too quickly. My OH loves the flat white coffee’s here and he’s something of an expert when it comes to these! The Missing Bean is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Oxford. They have a lovely range of cakes and sandwhiches along with a very decent range of teas and coffees. They also serve Oxford’s own Jericho and Jeeves range of teas. Indies supporting indies. Fantastic!

A Crafty Coffee

Zappis Cafe Americano

Zappis Cafe AmericanoThere’s nothing more I like to do when out & about than to have a quick crafty coffee. It’s even better if I can support an independent cafe. So I was more than willing to visit Zappi’s Cafe in Oxford. It’s above a cycle shop which is great as it meant I could pick up a cushion for my saddle as well as get a caffeine hit!

They have a great range of teas & coffees all at very reasonable prices. They had a lovely selection of cakes, although as I’m watching the calories I didn’t indulge this time. My black americano was lush & my OH had a flat white which he really enjoyed. There was also plenty of tap water available, which pleases me as this isn’t something that all cafes offer. I also used the WC & was very impressed. While quite small it was clean & airy with proper soap, loo roll & hand towel (Take note Starbucks!). I will definitely be visiting again.