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{Tea} How do you drink yours?

Tea in a Glass

Tea. It is an essential part of my day. I routinely have two cups in the morning, in good ol’ Big Brown, my favourite tea mug. The other day, I was served a pot of tea & given a glass to pour it in to. Oh. My. Word. My mind was blown. Glasses aren’t for hot drinks, in my book. They are for cold drinks. It got me thinking: Is this okay? Is this the future? Or is it just weird?

Tea in a GlassA quick question on Instagram & Facebook led me to the conclusion that it is generally, quite odd. I appreciate that cafe culture is constantly evolving but I don’t want to loose some of the things that make tea awesome. I think part of the problem is that lots of cafes focus on the coffee & tea is an afterthought. Such a shame.

So what is the best way to drink tea? Some cafes use vintage tea cups. Adorable. But they are tiny! I want a big mug of decent tea! Plus, if you get a teapot, I really like it when you’re brought an extra pot of hot water. It’s something that used to happen routinely when I was a child. I can remember being out at cafes with my grandparents and we were always brought a pot of hot water to top up the teapot. You can get so much tea out of a single tea bag. Plus it stops the tea being far too strong when you’re already had a few cups.

To be fair, I am quite particular about the tea I make myself. (When other people make it for me, I just take it as it comes!) I like my tea the way my Granny used to: Very hot & quite strong. When I was younger, I used to have a lot of milk in my tea. But now, it’s all about the heat. (Probably because I’m always cold!) And I like to taste the tea. So it has to be strong enough for that. I always make my tea using a teapot. The main reason being that when you make it in the cup, it makes the cup too hot to hold & by the time it’s cooled enough to touch the tea is too cold for my liking. (And despite what my OH says, I can tell the difference!) Plus the taste is too strong. You shouldn’t pour boiling water straight onto the tea leaves as it spoils them. So I always warm the teapot with the freshly boiled water & this gives the water time to settle before you pour it over your teabag. I don’t have a set time for how long I leave it to brew – It just depends how long I can wait! I do like the way that some cafes now tell you how long to wait or give you an egg timer so you know when the tea is brewed.

How do you drink your tea? Do you have a favourite mug? Do you use a teapot or do you make your tea in the mug? I’d love to know what you think about drinking tea from a glass – Yay or nay?!

A Week in Wales: Cwtch Restaurant

Veg Tagine at Cwtch

After a week of healthy eating, minus the cakes, we thought we’d treat ourselves with dinner out. There are quite a few lovely places to choose from in Pembrokeshire but sometimes the veggie options aren’t as varied as I’d like & I think we all know how fussy I am! We’d walked passed Cwtch restaurant in St. Davids last year so had a look at their menu. There was only one veggie option in the starters & main but they looked so good that we went there. We had to book as it gets very busy.

Veg Tagine at CwtchMy meal started with a lovely cuba libre cocktail! Then I went for the veggie spring rolls as my starter. I was so hungry & they looked so delicios that I didn’t stop to take a picture. They were filled with spinach & feta and came with a raita. Delicious. My main came out quite soon after that. By then I was on to a lovely red wine – so lovely I can’t remember what it was! My main was this beautiful roasted vegetable tagine with cous cous. It was so tasty & well cooked. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about it. I was very impressed. It was quite filling so had to make sure that I left some so that I had plenty of room for the pudding that I had my eye on – The Cwtch Creme Brulee.

Creme BruleeIf a menu has creme brulee on it, I am going to have it. No matter what. It’s my all time favourite desert but it has to be plain. I don’t mind a bit of fruit or shortbread on the side, but it shouldn’t be flavoured or ruined with anything else, like lemon, chocolate, orange or mint. Gross. This one, I am very pleased to say, was perfect. It wasn’t too big or too small & had a lovely creamy texture. I was very impressed.

The only criticism I have was that they brought our food out too quickly & would’ve preferred to allow a bit more time between each course. But apart from that it was excellent. Great food & atmosphere. I’ll definitely be going back. x

Friday Cake Day

It was my turn to bring cakes in for our weekly cake day. Instead of buying of them, I thought I’d use my new Dualit handmixer & take advantage of the opportunity to try out some new recipes.

I had made cupcakes before, but I wanted to practice my icing techniques too. I received a lovely vintage icing kit from my OH’s mum for Christmas so I wanted to see how that worked too. 

Friday Cake Day CupcakeThe result was amazing. Someone even said that they looked professional and asked whether I had bought them from a shop! A lovely compliment. Cupcakes aren’t difficult to make & with a good icing bag or kit, some sprinkles & colourful cases, anyone can make professional looking cakes.

I also tried making a Victoria Sponge for the first time. The first attempt was a disaster, despite following the recipe to the letter. The reason: The oven was WAY too hot. It resulted in a lovely golden outside and a raw inside! Not what I was looking for. So for the second attempt, I used my trusty oven thermometer. The result was perfection. Some nice jam & freshly whipped cream later did in fact result in (Mary Berry’s) Perfect Victoria Sponge.

Definitely a perfect way to end the working week!