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#BEDN ~ Something Different

As the #BEDN topic is to write about something different today, I’ve decided to write about two passions I have in my life. They are Formula 1 and Moto GP. I’ve been watching F1 my whole life and can remember growing up, eating a sunday roast watching it, hearing Murray Walker getting over excited about an epic overtaking maneuver. Moto GP is more recent addition to my Sunday afternoon TV watching repertoire, but there is something about super fast motorbikes that enthralls me.

F1I was lucky enough to see Lewis Hamilton win at a very wet Silverstone in 2008. I bought my OH & I tickets for his 30th birthday. Almost every time I’ve been to Silverstone, I’ve got rained on, walked miles & got stuck in massive queues leaving the car park! But even sitting in wet clothes couldn’t dampen my excitement at visiting Silverstone for the first time, let alone watching Massa spin out of control right in front of our seats! But having a Brit win the race was amazing and a real dream come true for me. I’m a real Hamilton fan and will always support British riders and teams above any other, but I was most definitely cheering on Alonso this year – anything to stop Vettel and his Schumacheresque winning streak.  I will miss Mark Webber with his honest opinion about drivers, stewards and rules next year, but the changes to the cars will make it a very exciting season indeed. And maybe a different World Champion altogether – Come on Hamilton!

Moto GP

I’ve seen more Moto GP races live, though, mainly because it’s way cheaper than F1. And who else can I support in Moto GP other than The Doctor, Valentino Rossi? The seven time world championship winner is charismatic and passionate, even when he’s riding a losing Ducati. It’s been an interesting season this year, with Casey Stoner having retired early and the rookie, Marc Márquez, becoming the youngest rider to win a Moto GP World Championship ever. Poor Danny Pedrosa, despite having ridden with Honda for 8 years, still hasn’t won a World Championship.


Both sports have their pros and cons. Some of the F1 races can be dull and the tyre issue this season has been ridiculous. A driver shouldn’t win or lose a race because of how well they’ve looked after their tyres. Not all Moto GP races are exciting to watch either. I have been known to fall asleep at a few and I’ve taken my knitting with me, along with my blanket to help keep me warm, when we’ve gone to watch the races at Silverstone! If you haven’t seen a motorsport race live, you definitely should. It’s exhilarating – just make sure you take a radio to listen to the commentary, or you won’t have a clue what’s going on!

My First Mittens

Crafty Chai Knitted Mittens

I need to challenge my knitting skills. I don’t want to become one of those knitters who says, ‘Cable knit? Oh no I couldn’t possibly do that!’. I’ve been wanting to add other knitted goods to my Folksy page so that there’s more things on there for people to buy. Even I realise ear warmers aren’t for everyone! So armed with a patten book, I had a flick through & came across a pattern for fingerless mittens. Hmmm…I thought…how hard can they be?!

Crafty Chai Knitted MittensThe answer? Not very hard at all – even the thumb wasn’t tricky. And each mitten is the same size! They were knitted on ordinary needles & sewn up along the side. There are one or two holes from me trying to make a stitch, but I’m hoping that someone from needles & natter will help fill those in. If not, I’ll be adding some strategically placed buttons or sequins! Granted the stitches aren’t difficult – it’s just garter, stocking & rib stitch but I think they look great. They didn’t take too long either & they were completed pretty quickly while watching two rugby matches & an F1 race (& qualifying!). It’s one of the things I like about autumn & winter – an excuse to sit and knit. So family & friends, pick a colour because these could be your Christmas present! (Not kidding) x