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TV Recommendations – July 2016

There have been TV highs and lows at Crafty Chai towers this month. We tried three new shows (Versailles, New Blood and Outlander) in a short space of time and all three left me despairing for the state of TV. With GoT promising only two more series and The Good Wife waving a very sad and less than stellar goodbye (seriously, what went wrong there?!), it makes me worry for the state of TV to come. All the good shows are coming to an end or having a limited shelf life (I’m pretty sure I’m going to need therapy when they announce that TWD will be coming to an end), there’s not a lot coming up that’s really grabbing my interest. Hence the appearance of The Gilmore Girls below.

TV Recommendations_July

[Outcast – Fox via NowTV || Billions – Sky Atlantic
Gilmore Girls – Netflix || Orange is the New Black – Netflix]

Outcast is made by the same guy who makes The Walking Dead. When I found this out, I perked right up. Creepiness, gore and tortured characters ahoy. Sadly no walkers, but plenty of good ol’ fashioned demonic possession and what’s not to love about that? So far, it hasn’t disappointed. There’s plenty of tension, a few creepy characters and a tortured main character who just wants to protect his family. Not really ideal for the faint hearted, so if you’re a bit squeamish, then maybe avoid this one, but if, like me, you enjoy a dabble in the darker, weirder aspects of life, then take a chance on Outcast.

We stumbled across Billions (or Billionaires as I insist on calling it!) one night on Now TV and thought we’d give it a go, mainly because of the cast lineup. After every scene change, we’re like ‘Isn’t that such and such from what’s it called?’ or ‘What were they in?’. This is because Billions is where actors from other TV shows all come together. It stars Damien Lewis as a billionaire who runs a hedge fund management company (I think, this area of the financial world is a complete mystery to me!) and Paul Giamatti plays the US attorney who is out to get him. There’s tension, a lot of swearing and a lot of financial talk which is lost on me, but it’s good enough to keep me entertained for now.

I know Gilmore Girls isn’t new, but all seven series are now on Netflix in preparation for their return for a one off series (though I’m sure many GG fans have everything crossed that it’ll be so hugely successful that they’ll have to make more). Despite having them all on dvd, this means I can watch them all in any room in the house on my iPad, which I’ve already started doing. I plan to watch all seven series over the summer. We all need goals!

I have to admit that the last series of OITNB didn’t enthrall me as much as other series have. However, this series was not like that and a delightful return to form, albeit with a dark twist. Okay, a few dark twists. This series had me guessing  at every turn and there were tears when something horrific happens to one of the main characters. No spoilers here! I don’t know how much longer it can go on, but if the next few series are of this standard, then I for one will be looking forward to their return.

Half Term Holiday Blues

So this week is half term. I had loads of lovely things planned, like chilling out, watching Gilmore Girls in front of the fire, getting my knit, walking Poppy in lots of lovely places, taking lots of pictures and lots of blog writing, as well as the obligatory day of school work. However, my body had other ideas. Pretty much as soon as the school bell rang on the Friday before half term, my body gave up the fight to all the school germs. The hour stuck in traffic on my journey home didn’t help, nor did the driving around looking for somewhere to park when I finally got home. Since then, I’ve coughed and sneezed my way through half term, doing as little as I can. I should be well enough ready for school on Monday. Brilliant!

Veggie Breakfast at Burford Garden Centre

I have managed to get a back massage (essential!), and my OH and I did venture out for a bit of breakfast and shopping at Burford Garden Centre (before I lovingly gave him my cold!). They do a mean veggie cooked breakfast and I managed to find some new wellies. No more wet socks for me! While we were out for the day, Poppy spent the day in dog day care and had a whale of a time! It was her first full day and she loved it, although she didn’t love being dried by a hairdryer after getting caught in heavy rain on one of her walks! I bet she sulked all afternoon!

Now all that’s left to do is some school work and get everything ready for school next week. Not exactly the week I had planned – pesky germs!

Tuesday Treat – Alone Time

Another week has passed and I’m still no further ahead in getting blog posts published. But I have been busy going places, eating and drinking things, making things and organising things – all of which I’ll write about… eventually.

Anyway, we’re really busy at Crafty Chai towers. We’re ploughing on with the garden and it’s *almost* finished. I’m in organisation mode and have a long list of things that need clearing and tidying. And I’ve got a few jobs on my to do list that are almost complete. So getting some alone time Saturday evening was very welcome.

Alone Time

Due to Poppy still suffering with separation anxiety, we’re only leaving her on own for short bursts so evenings out together are a no go at the moment. Saturday saw my OH heading out to a friends BBQ and me enjoying some Gilmore Girls, a Chinese takeaway and some much needed Pinterest/TwoDots time. Oh and I managed to squeeze in some sewing too. There’s nothing quite like a bit of alone time, whether you indulge in your favourite TV, take the longest bath in the world or just chill out with a glass of wine in the garden. I’d been looking forward all week! (Have I mentioned things are hectic right now?!) I was looking forward to just thinking about me. So I sat outside for a bit, enjoying the garden and the sunshine, then got my favourite dinner ever – sweet and sour tofu and bingewatched Gilmore Girls all night. Absolute bliss!

How about you? How would you spend a night when you had the house to yourself?