I know, I know, I’m very late with this post. I’ve just realised that it’s May next week. Next week! Where is this year going?! Crazy. As the Winter season comes to a close in TV land, a lot of my favourite shows end, with a only a few to replace them. This is where Netflix and such like come into their own, as you find new little gems when there’s nothing on.


The Vikings

Both I and my OH had seen this advertised somewhere so thought we’d give it a go. Have to say, am pleased we did. There’s blood, violence, sex and lots of eating, but it’s got a great storyline and the characters are really interesting. Season 1 and most of season 2 is available to stream via Amazon Instant stream, which is how we watch it. It’s had one or two slowish episodes, but it’s definitely worth a watch.


I’ve been a fan of Silk since day 1 and was really pleased to see another series. It’s really good British drama, with a great cast and intriguing storylines, though I’m not fussed over the will they/won’t they thing with Martha & Clive. She’s way too good for him. Fact. If you like The Good Wife and Suits, this will definitely hit the spot.

The Walking Dead

I’ve written about my love of The Walking Dead many times and for me, this series didn’t disappoint. Walkers: check. Tension: check. The possibility of your favourite character dying at any given moment: check. (No spoilers tho!) There were certainly a few episodes where I held my breath, waiting for the inevitable to happen and there were lots of things that I didn’t see coming. For me, October & the release of Season 5 cannot come soon enough! This boxset is definitely going on my birthday list!

Apart from these, I’ve been continuing on with The Good Wife, Southland, Girls, The Vampire Diaries and Nashville. Plenty to keep my going.


The Butler

Not sure I can say any more than has already been said about this film. It’s pretty epic with an amazing cast. The story gets you from the moment the film starts and it’s quite emotional at times. The journey of the main character from a cotton farm worker to White House butler is amazing, as well as the journey of his family. Definitely well worth a watch.


Unlike most other people, I didn’t see this at the cinema. (Probably a good thing, as I get motion sickness and I still can’t watch Cloverfield) It was worth the wait. It is brilliant. Hugely stressful, terrifying, beautiful and breathtaking all in one go. If you haven’t seen it yet, you won’t be disappointed when you do. A great Saturday night film.

Saving Mr Banks

When my OH suggested we watch this, I wasn’t overly keen, thought it sounded a bit boring. I was wrong – it’s not. It’s ace, if for no other reason than an insight into the making of Mary Poppins! It’s a bit of a tear jerker, especially when Mrs Travers┬áhas an emotional breakthrough about her father. I totally blubbed at the end! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

A few other films that I watched, which were bitterly disappointing include Enders Game and The Machine. Both looked good on iTunes, with a mixture of good actors and reviews. However both were far too long and left me looking forward to them being over. Avoid!

What’s the best thing you’ve seen on TV recently? Any good films out?