For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll have been more than aware that I have been knitting a hat. It was the most challenging item I’ve knitted so far. Why? Because of the stitches. The hat required me to knit in cable, knit backwards, knit forwards & knit bobbles by knitting into the same stitch. If you can do these kind of things, you might think, ‘that’s so easy! What was your problem?!’ I didn’t know how to do these. Neither did I know how to pick up dropped stitches. These became an issue when I had to undo rows & rows of knitting because of mistakes that I had made. And I made plenty. I had to start again once because I had too many stitches. Then I had to unpick rows as cables were the wrong way round or I’d knitted them incorrectly.

Hand knitted hat

Despite the fact that many mistakes were made, I refused to give in. I learnt so much knitting this hat & despite being close to tears sooooooo many times (!) I love it. It’s not 100% perfect but it’s pretty close & good enough for me. My plan is to knit a scarf to match using the pattern for the ends but I’ll knit stocking stitch for the middle bit. Then I’ll work out how to use the pattern for some matching gloves.

I used a pattern from Love Knitting… By Val Pierce & I used a 100g ball of Robin Chunky wool that I got from my mum for Christmas. I love the hat. It fits over my ears nicely & it is really thick and warm. A lot of hats I have bought from shops aren’t really thick enough when it’s really cold & my ears hurt quite easily in the chilly weather.

I hope to finish the scarf & gloves for next Winter, though I’m taking a break from them for the moment while I knit some products for the Oxford Bake Off, where, in case you didn’t know, I’ve got a stall! Yippee!