Another week has passed and I’m still no further ahead in getting blog posts published. But I have been busy going places, eating and drinking things, making things and organising things – all of which I’ll write about… eventually.

Anyway, we’re really busy at Crafty Chai towers. We’re ploughing on with the garden and it’s *almost* finished. I’m in organisation mode and have a long list of things that need clearing and tidying. And I’ve got a few jobs on my to do list that are almost complete. So¬†getting some alone time Saturday evening was very welcome.

Alone Time

Due to Poppy still suffering with separation anxiety, we’re only leaving her on own for short bursts so evenings out together¬†are a no go at the moment. Saturday saw my OH heading out to a friends BBQ and me enjoying some Gilmore Girls, a Chinese takeaway and some much needed Pinterest/TwoDots time. Oh and I managed to squeeze in some sewing too. There’s nothing quite like a bit of alone time, whether you indulge in your favourite TV, take the longest bath in the world or just chill out with a glass of wine in the garden. I’d been looking forward all week! (Have I mentioned things are hectic right now?!) I was looking forward to just thinking about me. So I sat outside for a bit, enjoying the garden and the sunshine, then got my favourite dinner ever – sweet and sour tofu and bingewatched Gilmore Girls all night. Absolute bliss!

How about you? How would you spend a night when you had the house to yourself?