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Hallway Lamp Shade Dilemma

I am notoriously bad at buying lamp shades. When we moved in to our house three years ago, we needed new ones in every room. I’m ashamed to admit we bought cheap paper ones. The reason was simple – we didn’t decorate every room straight away so didn’t want to spend the money on something fancy that might not fit the room when we decorated. Fair enough. But that doesn’t explain the nasty black rose shade for the upstairs landing. Awful, hideous monstrosity! We didn’t bother replacing the one in the hallway, not quite sure why. Think it was because after buying the black rose one we felt we couldn’t be trusted so left well enough alone!

Well, we’ve finally got around to painting over the peach walls and woodwork of the hallway. The walls are white & the woodwork is a light grey. We’ve kept it light, plain and simple because the hall doesn’t get much light & is very dark most of the time, so we wanted to help it out as much as possible. Now comes the awkward bit – buying a lamp shade. The redecorating pot is running low so nothing too expensive, but we want something cool, stylish, suits the old house but nothing chintzy! A quick Google made me realise there is only one place to look for awesome lampshades – Not on the High Street. And that’s where I lost the best part of a day! (Not kidding!) These are my favourites – all a bit different, would suit the colours used & a bit quirky.

Chevron lamp shade

Geometric Chevron Lamp shade

Herringbone Lamp shadeHerringbone Lamp shade

Woodland Lamp ShadeWoodland Lamp Shade

Little Houses Lamp Shade

Little Houses Lamp Shade

Mr Fox Lamp ShadeMr Fox Lamp Shade

Flock Sunrise Lamp Shade

Flock Sunrise Lampshade

It’s so tough! I want them all, but sadly don’t have the rooms (or the funds!). They’re all reasonably priced so now it’s just about choosing one that will suit the space. I was all set on choosing one of these when I stumbled across this:

Bird Brolly Lamp ShadeBird Brolly Lamp Shade Kit

I didn’t want to make my own. I didn’t want the fuss. But I love this print & think the colour will work, plus the kit comes with everything I’ll need, including the all important instructions. How cool would it be for people to walk into the hallway that I’ve repaired & decorated and see something that I’ve made?! It’ll be fine as long as I don’t mess it up!

I really don’t know which one to choose! They’re all great in their own unique way. One thing is certain – we won’t be having a black rose situation again!

Poppy Proofing Crafty Chai Towers

We’ve been making great progress on our list of jobs that need doing around the house. Getting Poppy has caused a few to be more important and so we’ve acted on them sooner. Poppy has free run of the house, with the exception of sleeping on our bed. This is fine except our stairs are wooden and quite steep. Watching Poppy navigate her way down them is terrifying! They’re so awkward, my Mum’s elderly pooch, Harvey, can’t get down them at all. So we decided to carpet them. It’s not just for Poppy – they’re old stairs & creak a lot, I’ve never been completely happy with them, as I’ve been terrified about falling down them, being the clumsy oaf that I am! Last week Selkirk-Harris Carpets came and put in a lovely bit of carpet that we’re all very happy with!


The difference it has made is unbelievable. The stairs are much quieter & easier to get down, for both Poppy & me! It’s also like walking on a cloud – Hello lovely underlay! The carpet also makes the stairs so much lighter, which is something we can never have too much of in this house! It even gets Poppy’s seal of approval.

Poppy on the carpet

One other change we’ve made has been inspired by Poppy’s muddy paws. Poppy often makes a beeline for the sofa after coming in from the garden. Now as the garden is in the middle of being redone, the borders aren’t sealed off & there’s a lot of dirt about. Poppy also really likes sitting on the borders! She then runs in the house, straight onto the sofa, muddy paws and all. We don’t mind Poppy on the sofa, but we do mind the paw prints left behind. You know what this means? Shopping trip for some new throws! We looked around at a few places online but couldn’t see anything we liked. Then we popped into Laura Ashley in Summertown, Oxford. I love Laura Ashley. A lot. Especially when there’s a sale on as you are guaranteed to get bargains galore! And, amazingly, we did! We bought two lovely throws 50% off! I love getting a good deal on things & we also came away with a basket for Poppy’s toys. Also in the sale. Awesome!


Poppy can get her muddy paws on these all she likes. Then, when we have guests over, we’ll whip off the throws & have our sofa back. Again, as you can see, Poppy is pretty happy with the throws! We’ve also had to start mopping the floor more often, which isn’t as much fun as shopping, but what can you do?! When Poppy isn’t sitting on the sofa with us, she’s napping the armchair, where she’s made a little nest for herself among the cushions! So adorable!

Tuesday Treat – Spring Cleaning

The weather seems to have finally caught up with the fact that it’s Spring time, which is nice. It’s definitely prompted us to make a few changes around the house, as has Poppy’s arrival. Tomorrow, we’re getting new carpet on the stairs. This is something that we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in, but watching Poppy go up & down the stairs has made us get it organised. We’ve also got a new blind for the kitchen, which is, again, something that we’ve been meaning to do since we moved in – Over three years ago!

New Blind

When we moved in, there were some really cheap & nasty blinds at the kitchen window. Taking them down was one of the first things I did. Since then, our south facing kitchen has been full of sun. This is great if you want to take some pictures for your blog but not if you need to do the washing up, as the sink is directly in front of the window. Now, after three years, we’ve got a lovely new blind to keep the sun out! That’s another job off the list – Happy days!

Tuesday Treat – Home Barn

HomeBarn Butterflies

A little while ago, I noticed a few people tweeting about a place called Home Barn. A quick search online & I could see why – It sells a real mixture of eclectic vintage products for home and garden. Once I’d had a good look through the website, I knew I had to visit for myself. And so we did, a few weekends ago. They have so many things that I want for our home, including a beautiful grey wardrobe that would look great in our bedroom. My favourite thing, however, is the beautiful butterflies in a frame.

HomeBarn ButterfliesThis is not the kind of thing I would normally go for, and my photo doesn’t do it justice, but I love the brightness of the colours on the butterfly wings, especially the blue one at the top. That’s the other thing I love about Home Barn. They aren’t afraid to use bright colours and have inspired me to do something with the wooden dining chairs we inherited. They could do with a lick of paint to bring them to life! If you haven’t yet discovered the wonderful world tucked into Home Barn then you’re missing out! Check them out online or pop in & say hello at their shop in Little Marlow.