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Recent Retro Buys

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but I’ve become obsessed with all things butterfly. I’ve been on the look for prints to hang in my study as well so if I can combine the two, then so much the better. I’ve also been looking out for different storage jars & containers that will be useful. Here’s what I’ve found so far.


I found this print at Lassco & knew I had to have it. It’s not very often I’m that decisive when it comes to artwork but I knew that this would look great in my room. The colours are so bright and look great against the plain frame.

ButterfliesI couldn’t believe it when I saw this in a vintage shop in Towcester. Not only were the butterflies in great condition but it was only £32, which is incredible! I know the frame isn’t up to much, but the colours of the butterflies are so bright and it was a real bargain.


Blue Stripe Blue dotI’m so pleased that the colours on the wings are still so bright. Beautiful! Both of these will form part of display that I’m planning in my study, along with some other prints and some old family photographs – I just need to get some frames together, decide on an arrangement & get them up!

My latest buy is this gorgeous retro storage jar from Winter’s Moon. I saw a picture of it on Facebook & knew it would be great for storing my teabags in, as my old one has seen better days. As soon as it was listed in the shop, I ordered it! It’s perfect! The colours are really bright & it suits the vintage feel of our kitchen. I really like getting individual bits & bobs for our house and am on a bit of a mission with this at the moment.

Pink Jar

I’m always on the look out for different things to add to our home. Even though we’ve been here for three years, it’s a long way off being ‘done’. Whether we’re out at a vintage shop or I’m shopping online, I’m always keen to find somewhere new to look for things. If you know of any great places to shop, let me know!

Tuesday Treat – Peonies


One of the items I listed on my birthday wish list was peonies. They are my absolute favourite flower. Why? Not sure really. There’s something very luxurious about them, about they open up & have so many layered petals. They’re very delicate too. One rain shower & you’ll find peony confetti covering the garden path. One thing is certain – we’ll definitely be planting peonies in the garden when the time comes. Sadly, they probably won’t bloom for three years, but when they day, I’ll be overjoyed!


Until then I will be buying peonies whenever I see them. Unfortunately my OH couldn’t find any peonies for my birthday, as it was a bit early so when I saw some at Burford Garden Company over the weekend, I had to buy them. They’re now sitting on my desk, in pride of place! Beautiful!

What’s your favourite flower? Does anyone know a good way to preserve flowers?