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Eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet

Back in September, we decided that we were going to start following a whole food plant based diet. We made this decision, knowing that it’s better for our health, our wallets and the planet. I have not regretted our decision one bit and we are committed to this new lifestyle. I call it a lifestyle because it is not just about what we eat.

Going into this, we knew that we would have to spend more time thinking about what we eat, planning our menus to make sure we had something for every mealtime, including sweet treats, and it has to be easy to make. Before we got going, I knew that we would have to make a few meals in advance. We don’t have much time in the evenings, which has led us to eat cheap, processed, junk foods in the past. I noticed lots of people online would premake or prepare meals in advance. So this is what we do. How sustainable it is long term, I don’t know. But for now, every other Saturday, we’re cooking for most of the day. This is what we make.


Chickpea stew

Chickpea stew – My sister’s recipe, and I’m not sure I’ve got it right. Chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, red pepper, onion, spinach & lots of spices to make it hot and spicy, especially paprika. I love paprika.

Planet Organic curry

Skin Glowing Curry – Planet Organic. Mine has a thicker sauce than the picture on the Planet Organic website and we don’t put in LoveRaw Immunity Blend, because we’re not near a Planet Organic. This is really nice and goes well with steamed kale.

Three Bean Chilli

Three Bean Chili – Forks Over Knives. This is amazing and we enjoy ours with a jacket potato and any veg we have. It is super hearty and I use any beans I can get my hands on.


Minimalist Baker’s Smashed Black Bean Taquitos. (Link takes you to a video of Easy vegan Life making them, as the recipe is from the Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking cook book, which I can heartily recommend.) While I didn’t have the green chili ingredient that Dana uses, I just chopped up a few green jalapeno chilies and it is super tasty. This meal is really easy, and very tasty, especially if you make your own salsa and guacamole, like I did. It doesn’t take long either and goes well with fresh corn on the cob and sweet potato wedges dusted in paprika.

Weeknight stirfry

Everyday Stir fry – Keep it Vegan by Aine Carlin. We’ve been eating this for a while and it is delicious. It’s turned us into soy sauce addicts. If you’re interested in a vegan or whole food plant based diet, then Aine Carlin’s book is a great place to get started.

Vegan Roast

I saw a similar roast by @agirlvstheworld on Twitter and this worked really well. It took 45 minutes and was cooking away nicely Sunday evening, while I was making some of our lunches for the week ahead.


Grated salad

This grated salad is another recipe I pinched from my sister. It consists of grated carrot, grated courgette, sauerkraut, chopped pepper, chopped tomatoes and salad, mixed together with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s delicious and best eaten a while after the dressing has been added.

Warming Pasta

This might sound ridiculous, but I’d never made a tomato sauce before! It’s ridiculous because it’s so easy and this one is especially. Plus it’s delicious and has become a weekly lunch staple. This is Warming Pasta, which I make with cherry tomatoes, and you can find the recipe by Healthy Living James here.

Tuna melt

This chickpea tuna melt has to be eaten to be believed. The consistency is uncannily like tuna and the vegan cheese works really well in this. You can find the recipe here.

carrot soup

Another of Healthy Living James’ recipes, the carrot and coriander soup. This is delicious and easy to make, perfect for a late evening tea. I have soup every Thursday, as I get home late from the gym.



Most mornings I have chia seed porridge but on the weekends I like to have something different. This is some of Delicious Ella’s granola, with natural Coyo and as much fresh fruit as I can get!


Minimalist Baker cookies

I refuse to live a life without treats. Being vegan or wholefood plant based shouldn’t change this, which is why I was really happy when Phil said he wanted to make these Almond Meal Chocolate Chip cookies by Minimalist Baker. They are easy to make and, if they make to the freezer, you can eat them frozen. Trust me, it works!

At the moment, cooking and eating this way is definitely helping me. While weight loss is not my goal, I’ve lost over half a stone. I’ve got more energy and it means I can get myself to my spinning class after a hectic day of work. We also have less waste going in the bin, both recycling and landfill, and our food bill has gone down. Pretty much a win win. Hoping to get some lovely autumn and winter recipes to try soon too. Gotta love the winter veg!

Tuesday Treat – The Hundred Pound Garden

As regular readers will know, my OH & I have been spending a lot of time on our garden. Anyone who has ever transformed a garden will know that it is not quick work, especially when winter has dragged its heels and hung around like an uninvited guest to a party! But now that the warmer weather is making a stand & we’ve finally been able to paint the fence without getting frostbite (took almost the whole weekend – Yawn!) we’re ready to start planning the garden. It’s going to take a while & a little bit of cash, but we’ll get there. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to plant in the Autumn ready for next Spring. Until then, I can plan & dream & visit garden centre aplenty! Or I could just save up my pennies & buy a Hundred Pound Garden, brought to you by the lovely people at Burford Garden Centre.


The garden plan is very simple:

  1. You choose a garden. It can either be an artists garden, a cut flower garden or a wildlife garden.
  2. Your garden, and all the bits you’ll need, are delivered to your door.
  3. You then prepare the ground
  4. Plant the plants
  5. Water the plants
  6. Watch how your garden grows.

I think this idea is genius! You can buy other bits and pieces as extras, like gardening gloves, twine and watering cans. It’s such a unique idea & great for a wedding, new home or birthday presents. One of the reasons I really like this idea is because it’s quite daunting deciding what to plant and where, because you kind of want to get it right first go, especially if you’ve been waiting for a long time, like we have. What do you think? Would you use the Hundred Pound Garden? If so, which would you choose?

Tuesday Treat – Spring Cleaning

The weather seems to have finally caught up with the fact that it’s Spring time, which is nice. It’s definitely prompted us to make a few changes around the house, as has Poppy’s arrival. Tomorrow, we’re getting new carpet on the stairs. This is something that we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in, but watching Poppy go up & down the stairs has made us get it organised. We’ve also got a new blind for the kitchen, which is, again, something that we’ve been meaning to do since we moved in – Over three years ago!

New Blind

When we moved in, there were some really cheap & nasty blinds at the kitchen window. Taking them down was one of the first things I did. Since then, our south facing kitchen has been full of sun. This is great if you want to take some pictures for your blog but not if you need to do the washing up, as the sink is directly in front of the window. Now, after three years, we’ve got a lovely new blind to keep the sun out! That’s another job off the list – Happy days!

Tuesday Treat – Home Barn

HomeBarn Butterflies

A little while ago, I noticed a few people tweeting about a place called Home Barn. A quick search online & I could see why – It sells a real mixture of eclectic vintage products for home and garden. Once I’d had a good look through the website, I knew I had to visit for myself. And so we did, a few weekends ago. They have so many things that I want for our home, including a beautiful grey wardrobe that would look great in our bedroom. My favourite thing, however, is the beautiful butterflies in a frame.

HomeBarn ButterfliesThis is not the kind of thing I would normally go for, and my photo doesn’t do it justice, but I love the brightness of the colours on the butterfly wings, especially the blue one at the top. That’s the other thing I love about Home Barn. They aren’t afraid to use bright colours and have inspired me to do something with the wooden dining chairs we inherited. They could do with a lick of paint to bring them to life! If you haven’t yet discovered the wonderful world tucked into Home Barn then you’re missing out! Check them out online or pop in & say hello at their shop in Little Marlow.