As Autumn really gets underway, TV series new and old start appearing on our screens. A few gems I’m looking forward to are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story (though lets hope it’s an improvement on last series) and The Fall. While I wait for those, here’s what I watched in September


I haven’t heard anyone talking about this series at all, but I was really interested in watching it. It’s Tom Selleck in it for crying out loud, how back can it be?! Well, not great. At least, not the first series. It’s obvious, a little dry and so incredibly ridiculous, I couldn’t quite believe it. However, we persevered with it and it has got better, though it does very much feel like Tom’s family are single handedly fighting crime in New York! It’s easy on the brain, so if you want something on in the background, this is a good one to go for. I will admit that I never really got into the original UK version of the Office, but this was on Netflix and I had some stuff to do in my study so popped it on for some background noise. Soon enough I was laughing along to it and was completely distracted by the show. I love Steve Carrell. I think the man is a comedic genius, just watch 40 year old virgin and you’ll know what I mean. This show is brilliant. Thank you Netflix for bringing it into my world!
This is another show that I keep seeing advertised on Netflix, you know how it does that ‘You might like this because you watched a tv show once’ thing? This was what they suggested. It’s got Glenn Close in it so how bad can it be? Well, like Blue Bloods, it takes a little warming up and it has a definite formula that gets really old, really fast. Series 3 was the best in my opinion and I wasn’t disappointed to see it ended after series 5. Most TV shows shouldn’t last beyond 5 seasons (The Walking Dead is exempt from this!) It’s an okay series, but not worth staying in for. I very nearly didn’t persevere with this. I thought the first episode was so awful, with terrible over acting and bad fake British accents, that I nearly didn’t carry on. However, my OH wanted to see how it went so we continued on. I’m really glad we did. I really like the unique storyline, and find the idea of human cloning so terrifying but so inevitable that I continue to watch it. Plus the characters have grown on me and I kind of want to see what happens. I’ve only watched the first series, so have a little catching up to do but am very happy to keep going .


I’m not a huge fan of war films, because I hate war, but wanted to see this film as it was a true story. It’s worth while to remember that, because the violence in it is incredibly brutal, but what does unfold is truly amazing and shows that humanity still exists, even when you’ve given up hope. I don’t want to give away what happens, but its worth a watch. I had such high hopes for this film. I loved Michael Pitt in Boardwalk Empire and really wanted this film to be great (especially as the other offerings were not). While it started really well, and was full of action and intrigue, after a while, it just got a bit tedious. So much so, I was looking forward to the end. Fine if there’s absolutely nothing else to watch.
I loved, loved, loved this film. Tilda Swinton can do no wrong in my eyes and both she and Tom Hiddleston are brilliant in this, as age old vampires. It’s an incredibly eccentric and unique film. Watch it immediately! This film was awful and I was so disappointed because I love a good comic book film & I’m a huge fan of Samuel L Jackson. I didn’t care if Captain America lived or died. Marvel needs to do something different or just stop.