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Coffee Cosy

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

As a crafter I get really inspired looking at what other people are doing. I love looking at Pinterest for this very reason. There are so many gifted people out there doing amazing things. One craft blog I really like is Cornflower Blue. Reading through some of her posts I noticed this one on a coffee sleeve. It looked simple enough so I thought I’d give it a go. But this meant learning some new knitting skills: Using a circular needle & using the Magic Loop technique.

I bought my circular needle on a trip to Loop earlier on in the year. They recommended that I use the Magic Loop technique for smaller projects. When I looked at them blankly, they suggested I watch the help videos on www.knittinghelp.com. I’m so glad they did. I couldn’t have made the cosy without their help.

It took me ages, and I mean ages, to get it. I tried to use double pointed needles but I soon realised that I am far too cift to use these. I was really slow to start with & made silly obvious mistakes. My first few attempts lie, unpicked, in a pile of wool. My first successful attempt still had a few errors in it but it worked. The best one is pictured below. It seems so easy now I’ve done it a few times, despite the pattern being relatively simple. It was the first time I’ve ever done double rib stitch, as well as the first time I’d used straight needles.

Now I need to knit a few that are completely perfect. I’m going to add them to my Folksy shop once I’ve got a small stockpile as well as sell a few in my local coffee shop, Throwing Buns. Then I’d like to experiment a bit – add buttons, use a different stitch, mix up the colours & maybe knit some for china mugs. I love a good knitting challenge!

I’d like to thank Rachel of Cornflower Blue for giving me permission to use her pattern & sell the ones that are good enough to be sold. x

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

Camden Passage

While out exploring the wonders of the Big Smoke my OH and I decided that it would be nice to head to Angel Islington. I'd never been before & only knew it as one of the pink parts of the Monopoly board!

A while ago, we'd read about a knitting shop there over on Domesticali's blog so thought it would be good to check it out. I needed a circular needle for some socks that I'm planning on knitting so thought it would be nice to buy them from Loop. I was expecting a cool (in a crafty way) place with lots to see & inspire. I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't expecting such lovely help from the people there. I've never knitted using a circular needle before & could only remember the size of it on the pattern. So when the assistant started asking me technical questions I had to 'fess up & state my ignorance. So she wrote down a few websites that will help & showed me what she meant on the pair of socks she was knitting! Very lovely help from a very lovely shop. I was super impressed.

Further along Camden Passage was a cafe called The Breakfast Club & people were queueing to get in – well that shows it must be good! The menu was pretty huge so I was glad of the queue to ensure I'd read it thoroughly. There were quite a few veggie options on it so that was good & I opted for a chocolate milkshake (nice) & a veggie sausage sandwich. In my head it was going to be a small affair – two slices of regular bread & a couple of quorn-like sausages. What I received was a sandwich the size of my face! It was a ciabatta roll with two massive veggie sausages in. The bread was really difficult to cut & the sausages crumbled the moment you put your fork in. They obviously had a high cheese content that, when combined with the slice of cheese in the sarnie, was way too much for me. I left over half of it & was pretty disappointed. What is it with veggie stuff having so much cheese?! There are other foods we can eat you know! They should've used the sausages that are for sale in the Big Bang restaurant in Oxford because they are really tasty & never fall apart.

Still not a bad afternoon at all x