One thing that constantly amazes & inspires me is the number of creative people out there – all doing different things, but each one adding something fabulous to the world. And Lovely Pigeon is no exception. Their online shop is full of bright & beautiful products, ranging from vintage storage jars to adorable cards. If you’re looking for something a bit different, then you’re sure to find it here, like this Pigeon Box:Lovely PigeonThe gift box contains:
yellow circle earrings, zigzag badge, cheeky pigeon brooch, doodle book, yellow pattern book, lion card, 6 animal postcards, and 5 grey and yellow gift tags for just £20! What a bargain! A must-have collection for any stationery geek!

I also love the bright yellow of this collection – just what we need thanks to the dull cold weather. And how cute is the lion card?!