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Tales of Bath at Lush Spa, Poole

As I’ve written before, I love a good spa treatment. For me, it’s the perfect way to relax and destress. In my opinion, they should be available on the NHS! For my birthday, Phil bought me the Tales of Bath Lush treatment and we decided to go to the Lush Spa in Poole to have it. I’ve never had a treatment at Lush before, but seeing as I do my best to turn my sad little bathroom into my own Lush spa on an almost weekly basis, I knew that I’d probably love it. Love it is an understatement. I’d like to move into the Lush Spa in Poole please, yes, that would do quite nicely. Before I arrived, I thought to myself, ‘This is going to make a great blog post’ but I’m not going to go into too much detail about the treatment itself, as part of the enjoyment of the treatment was the mystery around it. I had no idea what to expect, other than what it says on the website. I knew that it was going to be sleep inducing and relaxing. Perfect!

Lush Spa Poole Lush Poole Tales of Bath Lush Spa Poole Shower Lush Spa Poole Tote bag Lush Spa Poole HaulFrom the moment I stepped into the spa area, everything was about relaxing and slowing down. Nothing was too much effort, everything was done on my terms and about taking it easy. The ambience was one of taking things easy and I love the decor in the waiting area. It’s how I would like my country cottage to be decorated. I also have bathroom envy as the shower area was huge and there was an array of Lush products to use. My treatment didn’t involve the shower, which isn’t a bad thing, as it involved a bath. Yep, you get to have someone draw you a bath and you get to relax in it. It’s pretty much heaven!

The whole treatment is vegan, which Phil checked before buying it (mega brownie points!) and is incredibly sleep inducing. While I didn’t fall asleep during the treatment, I certainly felt sleepy afterwards. A little tip from me, if you have this treatment, make sure you’ve got an afternoon of napping or vegging out planned. You won’t want to do much else, trust me. What I loved was the way Lush had thought of everything, from the oils to the music to the lighting. Everything was perfect. The only problem is that I now can’t decide from having Tales of Bath every time or trying something new? Tough choice eh?!

Tuesday Treat – Lush Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs are nothing new, but they remain a firm favourite for me. There’s nothing quite like running a hot bath after a long day and a cold dog walk around the park, throwing a Lush bath bomb in and letting your troubles melt away. Add in a cup of tea and the latest episode of Scandal on the iPad and that’s pretty much heaven right there.

Big Blue Bath Bomb


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I was lucky enough to receive a massive Lush haul for Christmas, including one of their shampoo bars, which I’ll right about another time. This also means my room smells like Lush, which is pretty, lush! For me, it’s a great way of warming up, relaxing and getting my head together after a mega-hectic day at school. Ideally, it should be followed by warm pyjamas, a delicious dinner and cuddles on the sofa with Poppy in front of the fire. Perfection!

Tuesday Treat – My Favourite Lush Products

I’m not much of a ‘beauty’ person. Most days I don’t wear makeup (because I’m lazy!) and I’ve always preferred lotions & potions. I have really dry skin and suffer quite badly from it during the winter, when it can become quite painful. So I’ve been looking for products that can help me. I really like Lush products. They’re cruelty free and you can return the packaging back to the shop. Fab! And I thought that the more natural the ingredients, the better for my skin. These are what I’ve been using recently.

Lovely LushH’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment £8.95 // Flying Fox Shower Gel £9.95 // Ocean Salt Facial Scrub £13.25

The Ocean Salt facial scrub is A-mazing. It smells great & it really leaves your skin feeling lovely and clean. I have tried a lot of facial scrubs in my time but nothing has ever got my skin feeling soft, smooth & tingly. Flying Fox shower gel has a lovely warm honey smell to it and it’s the honey that makes it so good for my skin. Despite the drop in temperature so far, my skin isn’t showing any signs of dryness yet. While my hair is generally in pretty good condition, when I straighten it regularly, the ends split really badly and the H’Suan Wen Hua really helps to keep it all in shiny condition.

Do you have any beauty products that you swear by? Does your skin change during the colder winter months?