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Knot Necklace Kit

Knot Necklace

I’m trying desperately to keep up with my crafty resolutions and while my knitting ones may be slipping drastically, my Mollie Makes one is moving full steam ahead. This week I fancied making something new to wear so I opted for the Knot necklace kit.

Knot Necklace kit

I used the templates from the Making Spot so that I could draw them on the felt & cut around them. This was much easier than trying to trace them from the magazine. Then, once I’d finished cutting out all the flowers, I needed a tapestry needle. I had no idea if I had one but started going through my sewing kit. The good thing about my sewing kit is that I inherited it from my very crafty Nana. My Nana’s sewing kit has come to my rescue so many times! And lo and behold it didn’t let me down this time either. I had a choice of three needles. Perfect!

Tapestry Needles

It was quite difficult getting the cord through the felt at times & I think it’ll take my fingers a few days to recover, but once they do I know it’ll be worth it.

Knot Necklace

I found this project pretty easy. While it took a few hours, it didn’t take as long as I’d thought it might. Using the templates from the PDF on line was a really good way to start. I’m so glad that Mollie Makes does this. It makes crafting much easier. Whether my necklace is good enough to wear remains to be seen! But I’m glad I’ve done it. Wonder what I’ll make next week! x

A Crafty Necklace

Necklace 5

As you know I make silver jewellery. As my sister’s birthday was approaching I thought that I’d make her something pretty. So I ordered my wire, went to my silver class and got cracking.

Necklace 1
Step 1
Necklace 2
Step 2
Necklace 3
Step 3
Necklace 4
Step 4
Necklace 5
Step 5


There you have it. One jewellery class. One necklace & one very happy sister! Result.