I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they rarely last beyond a week! Also, within teaching, I often feel like there are so many new starts and am often trying to think about ways to improve myself, what I do etc. But there are a few things that I want to be better at by the end of 2016. Here they are:

2016 GOALS1. Sort out my finances. Ugh, every year I think ‘I’m gonna save more and waste less.’ Well, enough is enough. This needs to happen. I¬†want need a new bathroom and more¬†holidays in Cornwall. This is only going to happen if I save more regularly and waste less money. I need to organise a budget for birthday and Christmas presents and decide which charities to donate to, instead of the ‘donate to all’ frenzy that happened this Christmas. I also want to ensure I use a bank and banking products that are ethical and do good, rather than the harmful history some of the banks continue to deal with. I also want to get back to a point that my credit card is paid off in full every month and I can go into the bank without worrying that they’ll lock the doors with me in there!

2. Organise regular fitness. I honestly thought walking Poppy would be enough, and it was, in the summer, when we walked a lot. But as school got busy and the nights got darker, I haven’t been walking Poppy as much as I would like and lots of our favourite weekend walks are, well, muddy and unpleasant. I’m not going to join a gym, as I hate them, and running is pretty much out, thanks to my knees, so I’ve got to organise something that will help to keep me fit and strong. I’m thinking pilates, but want something online or a DVD as I know I will not keep up going to classes. I never do!

3. Expand my cooking repertoire. Since becoming vegan, my diet has definitely improved, though all too often, I find myself sinking back to lazy, convenient ways. While I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy cooking, I want to eat well. In order to do this, I need to cook more, become confident with different vegetables, different herbs and spices and gain in confidence so that I’m not reaching for the take away menu too often.

That’s it. I’m stopping at three. Any more than that and it’ll probably be too much! I have everything crossed that I’m successful with these!