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Christmas 2016

Happy new year and all that guff. Yep, I’m glad all the festivities are over. You see, I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. There’s too much pressure, faff and fuss for just one day. Anyway, by the time the end of term came around, I was exhausted and just grateful for the two weeks break. My parting end of term gift? A cold! I was a sleepy, snotty, coughing mess for the first part of the holidays. Then Phil came down with something worse for the remainder of the holidays, meaning all we pretty much did was sleep and veg out, trying to rid Crafty Chai towers of the plague.


But having a less than mediocre Christmas did get me thinking about what I want our Christmas next year to look like, colds and flu notwithstanding. One thing I realised is that I need to get my shit together for Christmas way earlier than I did. Not just buying presents, but organising decent card, festive treats and thinking about what we’d like to do during the festive season. Because while I enjoyed being lazy and binge watching the latest Netflix sensation, it’s not how I want to be spending all my time away from school. I realise that I was really tired and needed to spend some time recuperating but I also felt that I was wasting my two weeks off. Next year, I want to make sure that there’s time for vegging out, but also time spent seeing a few friends, going on some lovely walks and spending more time reading and crafting.


In my head, next Christmas, I envisage a whole different picture. More fresh air, less time on the sofa. Trying out great, healthy plant based meals, less cheese and crackers. More time reading, less junk TV. Focus on the special things, make new traditions and plan lovely things. I want to make sure that the foodie treats we have are worth it, and just mindless eating. I want it to be something I enjoy and not regret. So I’ll be planning next Christmas with military precision, making sure that there’s time to enjoy it, without worrying that time is being wasted.

Tuesday Treat – Goal Setting and Starting Afresh

I don’t know about you, but I am pleased to be getting back into a routine. Personally, I struggle with Christmas & New Year. They’re not my favourite celebrations, for various reasons, but the fact that my routine disappears doesn’t help. I get up later, stay up later, healthy eating and exercise goes out the window and everything feels difficult. The one good thing about one year ending and a new one beginning means that you have an opportunity to make the changes you’ve been thinking about for a while. Resolutions rarely last beyond the second week of January, so I’m setting myself goals for the year, things I want to achieve and good habits I want to adopt.

Setting Goals

Last year, I worked on improving my fitness and healthy eating. Sadly, it didn’t last to the end of the year. And I’m suffering for it now! I feel sluggish, uncomfortable and in pain. So we’re back on the healthy eating wagon, am exercising three times a week and taking Poppy on some longer walks. One big thing I want to do is to finally get to grips with my money, making sure I’ve got a decent savings plan. I’m going to need a new car soon so need to work on saving for that too. I also want to take Poppy on as many new walks as possible. She loves going to new places, as do I and there are so many great places to walk in and around Oxfordshire. There are some redecorating jobs I want to do around the house, though none as massive as redecorating my study, which was an epic, epic mission! In my head, I’m starting to think of our next house, so want to get this house all sorted asap.

How about you? What are your plans and goals for 2015?