I realise this is a day late, but hey ho. Better late than never! I am quite particular about my workspace. Everything has to have a purpose if it’s on my workspace, but at the same time, I like ‘stuff’. Not only that, everything has to be tidy. So if one of my coasters moves ever so slightly, I need to line it back up nicely. Don’t judge me! I like it tidy! Apologies about the quality of light in my office. It’s bad, hence the need for fairy lights!

Desk Poppy the office dog Inspiration board Pretty techThe desk came from a local reclamation yard, bought for £30, if memory serves. It’s an old pub table that we sanded down & oiled. The chair is a pretty standard office chair covered in a Welsh blanket for two reasons: 1 – to pretty it up a bit and 2 – to help keep me warm! The old style phone works, but we can’t use it because it’s incompatible with our phone line, apparently! I like to keep stuff I use regularly out & tidy, hence the jars. (Plus they help to hide the not-so-pretty but ever so necessary tech stuff!) They’re cheap containers but look nice too. No office is complete without a dog in my view! And Poppy spends most of the day curled up on my Nana chair (so called as it was bought with money left to me by my Nana).

desk organisation Desk flowers Beach scenes Desk fairy lights

I like to keep inspirational things around me, but as we had the walls freshly plastered when we moved in, I’ve been reluctant to blu tak stuff to them and have only recently put pictures up. As a freelancer, I can work wherever I want, as long as there’s wifi & tea. But I’ve made my workspace just right and comfy, plus I always have tea, so I don’t work in cafes that often. Plus, I like just having to turn round & look at Poppy’s little face – it reminds me that I’m very lucky to be able to work from home and it reminds me why I’m working.