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Tuesday Treat – Eden Perfumes

It’s been nearly eight weeks since I became vegan. While it’s been a massive learning curve, there’s nothing I miss. The reason being that there are so many cruelty free alternatives. When my perfume ran out, earlier on in the year, I didn’t replace it straight away. I wanted something cruelty free and organic if possible, but didn’t really know where to start. While I love a lot of what Lush does, their perfumes are too strong for me. Recently, I’ve just been going without, until a fab vegan friend posted about Eden Perfumes on her Facebook page and absolutely raved about them. It’s easy to know which one you want, as they make their own version of many highstreet perfumes.

Eden Perfume

My fab vegan friend very kindly picked me up a bottle of No. 50 Similar to L’eau D’Issey Miyake Women’s, which has been my favourite perfume for the last ten years. I was prepared to live without that scent, but now I don’t have to, thanks to Eden Perfume. Now I know about Eden, I’m going to find another couple of perfumes that I like and add a few more to my Christmas list. Well, you can never have too many vegan, organic and cruelty free perfumes, can you?!

Handmade Shopping

The Green Gal Tea Towel Package

A week or so ago, @thegreengal tweeted about a new venture in her handmade business – tea towels. Not only was this another opportunity for me to buy something pretty but also to support someone in their business…at least that’s what I told my OH when I ordered  one of the towels from The Green Gables!

The Green Gal Tea Towel PackageIt arrived two days later, which I think is excellent service. And it came wrapped so lovely. I was really impressed. The towel is 100% organic & designed and printed in the UK. It was £10 & the cotton has a lovely soft feel to it. I think this is quite unusual for a high end tea towel. I have bought good quality tea towels in the past, some cheaper, some more expensive. But I have been disappointed with how they feel & how they dry up the dishes. I’ve often felt cheated as I’ve wanted something pretty to hang up in my kitchen but have been annoyed at how poorly they’ve done the job.

The Green Gal Tea TowelI am glad to report that this is not the case with this tea towel. It is excellent at the job it is supposed to do & matches my kitchen perfectly!  I am so happy with it. I cannot wait to see what Gabrielle does next. I did enter the competition to win a tea towel on her blog so if you haven’t entered that you most definitely should. Though I have to say that I am still hoping I win. I wouldn’t mind another one to use while my one is in the wash!