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I have been decluttering Crafty Chai towers like it’s going out of fashion. Not sure if it’s just because I’m fed of having so much stuff or if it’s because I’m getting ready to hibernate, but either way, all those annoying little jobs on my list are getting done.

I’ve taken bags upon bags to the charity shop, recycled and sold lots of unwanted items (If you’re in the market for an espresso machine, check out my Gumtree ad!) and done a lot of reorganisation. For example, saucepan lids. Everytime we wanted to use one, we had to dig around in the back of a kitchen cupboard and empty half the contents onto the floor. It was mega annoying. Our little house doesn’t have much storage, and what there is isn’t really fit for purpose e.g. our ‘wardrobes’ won’t shut properly, which often means I have to dust my shoes before I wear them! Needless to say, sorting better storage is on my list!


One thing we have achieved recently is setting up an airing cupboard (pictured above – please excuse the poor quality picture!). Previously, bed linen and towels were all over the place, in cupboards, drawers, squirreled away, getting creased. I do like the feel of ironed sheets so always iron them. Therefore it’s really annoying when you get them out of the cupboard and they’re all creased! I desperately wanted a airing cupboard. So we decided to transform one of the cupboards in the spare room. Short on time and budget, my OH used some leftover paint to freshen the cupboard up and bought a cheap shelving unit to save us having to drill into the walls. Someone along the years has done some questionable DIY to this house. We don’t want to make it worse but we are still on a very tight budget. I really like the shelves. They’re easy to keep clean and I’m going to add some vinyl labels using my Cricut Explore, which can be easily removed in the future. We also packed spare duvets and pillows in vacuum bags (so much fun!) to save a bit of room and keep the bugs off.

The good news is that everything is tidy and in one place, including the ironing board and the airer, which fits in nicely in the front. No longer will it fall out on me or terrify Poppy as I struggle to get it in the cupboard! It’s so satisfying knowing that this is sorted. My OH & I have also swapped home offices, which means redecoration and reorganising so we’ve got plenty of jobs to do to get us through until next year!

Tuesday Treat – Fox and Star

Ah, stationery, you never let me down. You’re always there when I need you, helping me feel more organised, even I only keep you about because you’re super pretty or give me the illusion of being super organised!

Fox and Star Stationery

This selection of gorgeous planners come from Fox and Star, which is a stationery shop I’ve *just* discovered. It’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous notebooks, beautiful pens and rolls and rolls of colourful washi tape. I always have a pad on my desk to make notes, lists, doodles etc, but when I’ve used up my current one, I’m definitely going to be buying one of these. Every day I write down three things I have to complete that day. It helps distinguish from all the other lists I have. These planners would be perfect for keeping track of them. Which would you pick?

Clothes Clear Out

I don’t know about you, but I seem to wear the same three or so outfits, despite having a wardrobe and chest of drawers I can’t actually clothes. Inspired by this post, which Rosie shared in a Facebook, I was determined to get myself organised. The problem I have is this: about a third of my clothes are a size too small (but I’m working on getting back into them), a third are worn out/gross and a third are only suitable for winter. I’d packed up all the clothes that were too small/out of season last year but decided that it would be a good idea to go through all my clothes and be thorough.

Clothes Pile

Here’s a snapshot of me going through everything. I found some little gems that I’d forgotten about, some that didn’t fit when I packed them away do now (though I’m still amazed how widely sizes vary) and I found some clothes that I should never have bought in the first place! The other thing I discovered was that I have an insane amount of pyjamas! I created a pile of charity shop donations, a pile of clothes needing repair and piles of clothes needing a good wash. I also tried things on as I went, which was great motivation, as some clothes are just a few Body Combat classes short of being wearable.

Charity Shop Donations

In the end, I bagged up seven bags worth of clothes for the charity shop, one bag of boots and shoes and one bag of clothes for recycling. I also gave up a few handbags that I never use and found a pen, a tissue and a pack of Love Hearts. I always seem to find these things in old handbags – never an odd £5 note though. In the end, I was left with this beautifully organised wardrobe and drawers I can close without losing a finger.

Tidy Wardrobe

(Note: I don’t think my wardrobe is lovely. It’s actually pretty rubbish, as the doors don’t close properly and everything gets dusty.)

I also made sure that I washed everything that needed washing straight away and I mended two cardigans, two dresses, a jumper and a hat. I’m hoping that this way, I’ll start wearing more of the clothes I actually have. If I haven’t worn it in six months, I plan to get rid of it. That way, it’ll stay organised. In theory!

How about you? How organised is your wardrobe? Do you declutter regularly?

Tuesday Treat – Autumn Cleaning

I’m not a big fan of spring cleaning. The weather is improving so I want to be outside, doing something fun. So I prefer to do my spring cleaning in autumn and am in full swing of getting everything tidy & sorted so that I can hibernate guilt free! I’ve given my study a complete overhaul, moved furniture, cleaned, organised, charity shopped, eBayed, the works. I’ve even given the pots in the garden an autumnal overhaul and planted a few lovely pansy plants to go alongside the cyclamens that are in full bloom at the moment.

Pansy and cyclamenNext weekend, we’ll be making a start on the spare room, which needs quite a bit of attention, specifically with storage. So I’m going to be looking out for good, budget friendly storage solutions to help keep that room organised. Is there anything more soothing than a good old clear out?!